Calvary’s feet

Have you laid
Your burdens down
At the cross of Calvary
This the Father wants to know

Dearest child
I can see
You have been carrying this heavy burden
Long enough you see

I came for you
To not carry them alone
For you to be set free
The Son of God says

Dearest children
I came for you
To reign over all the things in this world
Trying to steal your joy

Dearest children
I came for you
To reign over all the things
Trying to steal your peace

I know it is sometimes
Difficult to believe
Difficult to comprehend
With all the darkness around you

Still dearest child
Will you please keep the faith
Will you please
Not ever give up

I need you
Dearest children
To believe these words
I am telling you

I came for you to be free
Of all the things
Trying to entangle you
I came for you to love Me

I know this is sometimes
Difficult for My children to understand
To hold on
In the most trying times

Dearest children please
Hang on in the difficult times
Please always know
That I am there

Never too close
Never too far
Always ready to help
Should anyone ask

Dearest children
I am so close to you
And I really LOVE you
This I want you to know

Though it gets difficult
Though it sometimes is tough
Hang in there with Me

I will pull My children
Through the storms of life
Those who put their trust in Me
They shall never be put to shame

Please dearest children, please
Bring your burdens
To the cross of Calvary
Please leave them there

All the sorrow from the past
All the hurtful things
Said, heard and done
Come and leave them at My feet

I can make all things new
Father says
Give Me your past
I can give you the brightest new day

If only you’ll trust Me
If only you’ll come now
And lay all down
At Calvary’s feet

I’ll help you carry the heavy load
My dear child
No need to carry alone
This is what our Father says

If you’ll only
Put your trust in Me
Dearest child
You will see what I can do

Many things I can do
With children
Willing to put their trust
Faith and belief in Me

Nothing I cannot do
If only people will come
If they will believe
They will see

Many plans
Are in the heart of men
But the Lord’s prevail
This is what the Father says

Dearest children
I need you to come
I need you to believe
I can do anything

It is time you lay down
All your plans for your life
It’s time you come and ask Me
Lord let Your will be done

Dearest children
Dearest world
I need you to start praying such prayers
So that My Kingdom can come to planet earth

I need you to start trusting
My heart and My plan for your life
Over yours
The Father says

Dearest children please
You cannot continue to call yourself a Christian
A child of Father-God
But never be willing to do what I ask

Dearest children please
No, you cannot do that
You need to come
Surrender your life and plans before My Throne

Dearest children please
Lay down all at Calvary’s feet
And trust Me
Please trust Me dear child


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