Rock of all ages

Please give your lives to Me
Dearest world
Please invite Me fully in
This is what the Father says

It is time you come
It is time to believe
Dearest world
Please come to Me

Nothing of this world
Nothing she offers
Can ever separate
From the love I have for you

My love runs deep
Father says
Extremely deep
It is not something I can help

Dearest children, dearest world
I’m exposing Myself
Sharing My heart with you
So that you can know I am forever King

There is no-one else like Me
Father says
No-one like Me
Will and can ever be found

I am the Only One
I am the Light
That shines in the darkest places
This is what Father says

If you would come
You would find
No one else can and will
Ever compare with Me

I’m calling you deeper
Dearest children
Deeper than you have ever been
Please come deeper

I long to reveal
More of My heart
More of who I am
To those willing to ask

My children
Can you not see
Can you not hear
I’m calling you into My heart

I long for My children
To discover the depths of who I am
I long for you
To really know My heart

Will you come deeper?
Will you come closer?
Will you come see what you have been missing
Your whole life, even now

Dearest children
Mine and those of the world
There is MORE
This I want you to know

If I could only get
More people
Willing to come deeper
Willing to search for My heart

Dearest children
There-in is life
So much life
If only you would come

Who I am
Cannot ever change
I am constant
I am steadfast

I’m not like this world
Abba says
Here today, gone tomorrow
You can fully count and rely on Me

Dearest children
Dearest world
I am the Steadfast Rock
That will forever be

You can rely on Me
Abba says
You can fully rely on Me
I am the One that will never leave

You can count on Me
And you can know
I love you with an everlasting love
My love for you it cannot change

Rely on My steadfast love
Rely on the fact and truth of who I am
The One that can never, ever change
The unchangeable steadfast Rock underneath My children’s feet

Yes, Amen.

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