Daily Decisions

Life is meant
To be lived
Not wasted
Father says

So many things
In this world
Appealing to My children
Some being so dangerous

Dearest children
Dearest world
It is time you become wise
Careful about the choices you daily make

Daily choices
Have an eternal and lasting effect
Father says
You’re either sowing death or you’re reaping life

Dearest children
I’m really asking you
To start thinking about
The choices you daily make

What are you allowing your flesh
To daily partake of
What are you sowing to
Eternal Life or only to the flesh

Dearest children please
It’s time to become wise
With the choices you daily make
Do not continue to reap only from the flesh

Dearest children
It is so dangerous
The things this world offers
Still you do not seem to be aware

Dearest children
Dearest world
Faith is to believe
Even though you cannot see a thing

It is time you realise this
Father says
It is time to start depositing to your spirit
So that you can truly reap eternal Life

My dearest children please
Dearest children of this world
Open your eyes
Please listen to what I have to say

Dearest children, dearest world
You cannot daily continue
With all this world offers to the flesh
But never sow into any time with Me

This is not how it works
Dearest children
It will never work like this
You first need to spend, show faith

You need to spend time with Me
Dearest children
So that you can start to hear
My heart’s rhythmic beat

Dearest child please
You need to start having faith
So that you can truly reap
Eternal Life and not death

Dearest children please
Be wise
Be wise with the choices you daily keep
It either leads to life or it leads to death

So many of My people
Not wanting to hear or learn this truth
Dearest child it is a principle of life
One you cannot run or hide from

Be wise Father says
Dearest children it is truly time for you to become wise
Can you not see dearest child
I want you to choose Me

Choose Me when sin
Knocks at your door
Choose Me when someone says
There is no harm in doing this or that

Dearest children it is time
You stop going through life
With blind eyes
It is time you truly see

Dearest children
Dearest world
I want to open your eyes
For the truth

Open your eyes dear world
Open your eyes dear child
See what I am telling you
It is time to believe

Long enough Father says
My children have believed
Something I did not tell them
To believe

Dearest children
Hear these words I speak
You cannot call yourself a child of God
Still daily partake in all things known as sin

Why is it Father says
That My children are aware what sin is
Before they give their hearts and lives to Me
And afterwards they forget

Dearest children can you not see
Do you not perceive
This world and her things

It doesn’t just magically disappear
The day you give
Your heart and life to Me
It is still a daily thing

You daily need to deny sin
A place of honor in your heart and life
You cannot just invite it in
And still admit I am a child of the King

Dearest child I’m telling you this
Because I need you to listen
It is time you become so wise
With the decisions you daily make

Daily decisions have an eternal impact
Father says
It is time to start listening
To this truth

Dearest children please
I need you to start carrying
Eternal Fruits of Life
Not the ones of sin and death

You need to open your hearts and ears for the truth
You need to start listening
You need to daily make choices
You know I would approve of

As easy as this Father says
As easy as this
It is no complicated thing
Something unable to reach

Ask Me for help
Make Me your strength
And you will see
How I will carry you

With Me you are more than a conqueror
Father says
I need you to have faith
I need you to fully come and believe in Me

Yes, Amen.

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