Brightest Light

I am
The Bright Morning Star
I am the One
You are asked to believe in

If you could only see
You would find
I have a heart of true and pure gold
Even though some do not believe this

I cannot change
Father says
I have, am and will always be
Still the exact same

Dearest child, dearest children
I’m asking you to believe
There is more to life
Than going here and fro

So much more Father says
So much more I have prepared
If only people were willing to come
Willing to come seek and find

I want to give you
So much more
I know what I have prepared
It is true and real gold

Father says
Come after Me dear world
Come seek, come find
What is hidden inside My heart

So many people
Are so satisfied with what
This world has to offer
They never want more of Me

Why is this Father says
How can you be so fully satisfied
With what she gives
Dearest children can you not see

I am so much bigger and better than this world
Father says
I am the Only One
There is none like Me

Dearest world, dearest children
Come closer
Please come and find
I am the Eternal King

There are riches to be found in Me
Riches you or no one else
Will ever find somewhere else
Dearest child it is time you believe Me

It is time to come
It is time to find
Please open your heart
Please invite Me in

Fully from inside
Please dear child, please
I long to make your heart My home
When can it be?

I so hope you say yes
Abba says
Dearest children My Kingdom is Light
It is everything that is beautiful

This is how I will be found
If only you would come
If you would only seek
This is Me

Light of the world
Light in the darkness
There is none like Me
I am the Only One


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