Beautiful God

It’s time the veil gets removed
From the hearts and eyes of My children
This world
It’s time they truly see

Dearest world
For so long you have believed
Wrong about Me
It is scary to see

There is so much more to Me
Than what the eyes sees
Or what meets the eye
So much more

I’m uncomparable
The great and mighty King
There is none like Me

Dearest world
You have believed so wrong about Me
For such a long time
It’s time we do something about that

From lies being told around
To wrong-beliefs
You are so wrong
I wish you can see

I am not the monster or uncaring God
So many people
Make Me out to be
I am truly compassionate

I know it is hard to believe
With all the darkness
And pain in this world
But that is not from Me

I am the God of Healing
I am the God of Hope
I am not at all like the God
You make Me out to be

Darkness is not from Me
Pain neither
I, Jesus, came not to destroy
I came to give LIFE

Why do people
Never believe Me?
Can they not see
I sent My only Son

I sent Him because
I cared
I sent Him because
I did not want you to be forever without Me

Sin caused and it’s still causing
So much pain and turmoil
In this world
It is not from Me

Can you not see
I care more for a broken child
Than this world
Can ever care

Who do you think placed that compassion
For the hurting and lost inside your heart
It is Me dearest child

I care about this world
And the people in it
Much more than people
Know and realise

I am not the angry God
Waiting to destroy
If that was so
You would long ago not be here anymore

I am the God of LOVE
I am the God of COMPASSION
I am the God who came to save
Those who were lost

Without Me sending My Son
There would not ever be any hope
To once again be restored
To relationship with Me

I care for this world
I so wish you could see
It brings Me no joy
To see this world in so much turmoil or pain

Can you not see
I send My Son so that in Him
You could have peace, you could have joy
No matter what is going on around you

I need you to come closer
Father says
I need you to come find out
Who I truly am

I love this world way too much
To just sit back
Say I don’t care
And let you be

Sin destroyed
What we had in the beginning
It is sin
That came between you and Me

Sin is the reason
For so much destruction
In this world
You choosing darkness over Me

This is not how I wanted it to be
I gave you a choice
– Until this day I still do –
I said please choose life

I cannot climb
Over your decisions
What kind of God would I be
One not giving you an option to serve Me

Dearest children
King’s children
I need you to listen
I need you to obey

In Me and My ways
You will find so much life
If only you would say yes
And come to Me

I know you have been told
Many lies to believe
But this is not
Who I am

I am beautiful
I am worthy
I am kind
I am a just and righteous God

There is no one else like Me
None can ever compare
This whole world I hold
In the palm of My hand

That is how in control
I am of this world
Nothing catches Me off-guard
I know before things be

I’m asking you to trust Me
Dearest world
I’m asking you
To trust My beautiful heart

If you do not know
I have a beautiful heart
And that My ways are pure and clean
You do not know the real Me

You only believe lies
Lies disguised as truth
Open your eyes dear world
Come and find the real Me

Beautiful in splendor
Beautiful in who I am
Beautiful in truth
Come seek and find Me


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