Chains of Darkness

I’m calling My children
To purity of life Father says
No to all the drunkenness
No to all the sin

Dearest children
I do not want or need you
To be so in love with this world
And all she brings

I want you to let go
Of all the pleasures in this world
That you hold so dear
If is doesn’t honor Me it’s not from Me Father says

Why is it Father wants to know
That sin is ranking so high in your lives
No dear children, no
If it doesn’t please Me it should not be pleasing you

Why is this so difficult for My children to understand
Why is this the Father asks
Sin ranks so high
While I am lesser than a nil

Dearest children you love
All the things of this world so much
Why is it that you never ask yourself
Is this my Father’s will?

For dearest children
You must know
You must realise
Sin was never birthed inside My heart

Sin was birthed in the heart of Satan
Father says
Sin started with a prideful heart
Hearts saying I will do as I please

Dearest children you cannot go on
Doing as you want
You need to start respecting Me as King
You need to know I am the One True God

See for you know I exist
You know I am real
Still you continue on
Doing just as you please

How can you say you love Me
Dearest child
But still continue on
To love and hold sin so dear?

Dearest children sin and Me
We will never be truly one
Sin was never born with Me
It is as to say Me and the enemy we are one

We have never been one
Father says
And we will never be
Dearest child can I ask you to believe?

You say you love Me
You admit it so very often
Still you continue every day
To bow the knee to sin

Dearest child you are a slave of sin
This is not what I have called you for
This is not why you have been redeemed
Dearest child will you please start to live as though you do truly love the King?

See Father says
If you loved Me
You would love all the things I hold dear
You would despise all things not from Me

Why is it Father says
Dearest children I truly want to know
That you can call yourself a child of the Living God
But every day continue on with what separates Me and you?

Dearest children please
I came for you to have life
I came for you to be free
I did not come for you to be a slave of sin

The way to victory lies within the cross
Father says
The blood of My Son
Will give you the full victory

See Father says
Sin came to separate
I sent My Son
To once again reunite

Dearest child we cannot stay
United and connected
As long as you love sin
It is truly impossible Father says

Dearest children I’m asking you
To let go of sin
I’m asking you to please not
Love her so much

Do you not realise dearest children
The road of Sin
It does not lead to life
Only to eternal dim

Dearest child please I’m calling you
To live lives of freedom
To live lives filled with love and grace
Lives bringing glory to the King

Dearest children
I wanna ask you a simple question
May the answer be just as simple
Does your sin glorify the King?

It cannot glorify Me Father says
It’s because I have never been a part of anything dark or evil
Why is it then the Father asks
That My dearest children continue to do the same

Dearest children I want you to know
You are not glorifying Me
I am not receiving any glory
With your sinful lives

Dearest children can I ask
Do you not want My Name to be lifted high?
Do you not want it to spread among the nations of the earth?
Dearest child let Me tell you this it only starts with you and Me

Lives loving Me
Hearts surrendered to do My will and not theirs
This is what My heart long for dearest child
This is what the Father says

Dearest children how can you continue to hang on to sin
But still say you love Me?
Dearest child it is impossible
For Me and sin we will NEVER be one

It can only be either or Father says
Only one will win in the end, only one
Dearest children I want it to be Me
I do not want it to be sin

The road of sin leads only to death
Father says
Why would you want to continue loving and living in sin
If I am here begging your soul to please choose life?

See dearest children this is what I want for you
Eternal Life
Father says
An opportunity to forever be with Me

See dearest children see
I want you to choose
Me and My ways
Over loving sin so much

If you only gave Me the time
You so lovingly allows sin
If the space in your heart given to her
Only belonged to Me

So much life you would experience
Dear child
So much love
If only you would truly come

It is because so often Father says
My children they forget what it is all about
I’ve called them to live sin-free lives
Not bound by sin, not bound by things separating from Me

Dearest children how can you love sin this much?
I do not understand Father says
He has and never will give you
His or her only son

Dearest children I want you
To continue looking at the cross, do not ever stop gazing upon the cross
Dearest children do not ever allow Satan to let you forget
About the cross and the price that was paid on Calvary

Dearest children
I want you to forget about sin
I do not want you
To love it nearly as much

Please dearest children, please
Let go of Sin
It cost My Son so much
It cost us all We got

To redeem you Father says
To redeem you
I do not want you to be a slave of sin
Dearest children I want you free to live for Me

Being bound by Sin
It is costing you so much
Let go dearest children
Please this is what I ask

Will you listen to Me for a change?
Please dearest child, please
I hate seeing you in this pit of sin
Because I know, I came for you to stand on freedom hills

Freedom dearest child
This is my heart for you
If only you would ask
Completely invite Me in

If only your heart would break for sin
As My heart and soul aches for you
Dearest children sin continues to separate you
From the life I came to give

You are not living a free life Father says
It is because you love sin so much
You try to convince yourself you are
But dearest child you are so wrong

Dearest child if you could only see the shackles I see
You would be so eager to let go
It is because you do not see these chains
They are directly linked to hell

Dearest child please
Please will you allow Me to break the chains of darkness
Around your heart and soul?
Please dearest child My heart for you is total FREEDOM

How much longer do you want to continue doing this?
The chains of darkness only sucks out life
By keeping on telling you
I can and will get myself out of this

Dearest child please listen to Me
You cannot break these chains on your own
You cannot do it by yourself
You sooo need Me

Cleave to Me Father says
Cleave to the cross
Draw nigh to Me Father says
And I will draw close to you

The time has come to repent Father says
It’s time to go down on your knees
If your heart breaks with sorrow for your sin
Dearest child you will see how I can set you free

Let your heart break
With sorrow for your sin
Let repentance fill your heart
And see dear child how I can turn it all around

Do not be comfortable with sin Father says
No dear child, no
You cannot rock it to sleep like a baby
Being friends with sin is much more dangerous than you perceive

Do not continue telling yourself
You can go on like this
Do not continue telling yourself
It’s okay, God will understand

Dearest child My Son did not come
To condone and approve of Sin
My Son came to set you free from Sin
And to never again let you become its slave again

Dearest child please stop allowing sin
To take the place of love
You should have in your heart
For Me

No dear child, please!
By the lives of sin you lead
You are constantly, daily professing
I choose sin over God!

I love you so much
And I want you to know
Dearest child you cannot continue on like this
The love you have for sin it is costing you eternal life

Eternal Flames there will be
Flames of Sin telling you
See you chose me
Over the One who came to set you free!

See dearest child
I do not want you to then say
I should’ve loved Jesus more than I loved sin
I want you to now be free

How much longer do you want to continue
Allowing sin such a precious place in your heart and life?
Dearest child please I came to set you free
To not allow sin to build a Throne of Reign upon your heart

Freedom Father says
This is the life I have called you to have
Do not allow yourselves to be brought back in Sin
After giving your lives to the King

See Father says
After you gave your life to Jesus
After you invited Him to come live inside your heart
You should be growing in love and obedience to Me every single day

Obedience to Me
Is freedom Father says
Doing as I ask
Will bring you so much life

Why do you never believe Me Father says
Why do you always, always allow
The voice of sin to wipe out
My voice of righteousness and peace?

Dearest children after coming for you
After giving My life
I only asked LOVE Me for Me
And please OBEY when I ask

Choose Me over sin
This is what Father asks
Sin will never be able to give you what I came to give
Still dear child the choice to TRULY LIVE always remains solely yours.

(Also published as ‘Chains of Sin’)

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