Intimacy with the King

Hear My Voice
The King of Kings ask
Dearest children please will you let go
Of all that separates from intimacy with Me?

See Father says
I came to give you life
I came to give you
All the freedom one can have

Still until this day
People allow sin to enter their hearts
Even after they have given
Their lives to Me

Please do not do this Father says
Please grow in love
Continue daily to get to know Me better
And to not allow Satan and Sin to draw you back into despair

See this is what happens
With so many of My children Father says
After giving their lives to Christ
They do not continue to stand firm in their victory

My Son came to set you
Free from Sin Father says
Not for you to love it just as much
As before giving your lives to Christ

Dearest children I am calling you
To live lives free from
Bound to sin
Free to now do only My Will

See dearest children you must always
Continue to grow
Always continue to get to know Me better
To love Me more and more each day

Dearest children that will be the only way
For you to stand strong
To love Me more than sin
And to ask My Grace to give you strength

See Father says
I will always uphold you with My righteous right hand
As long as you will always be willing to ask
And allow Me to lead the way

See humble hearts I can teach
Father says
Hearts willing to listen
Hearts willing to obey

Will you dearest child
Will you come closer
Will you come and admit
Dearest Jesus I need more of You

I need more of You Jesus
In my ordinary
Make it super-extraordinary
Just because I am willing to obey

So much blessing
For obedience Father says
If only you would obey you would see
I hold the stars, moon and sun in My great hands

Why are My children always
So afraid of obedience Father asks
Why do they run from it?
Why do they decide to hide?

Obedience makes your life better dear child
Much better
If you could only see all the treasures
That waits on obedience

It’s because dear children
When I ask for obedience
I ask with you in mind
And never Me

I want to give you so much Father says
All the riches which can be found in Me

Dearest child
This can only be
When you decide
To not love sin more than Me

It’s because dear child
Sin takes up so much of the space due to Me
There is hardly any space left for Me to fill
All has been consumed and taken up by things not from Me

Freedom dearest child
That is what I came to give
Freedom from Sin
Loving Sin that is not Me

Dearest children can I ask that you be willing
To deny sin such a place of honor in your heart and life
That is the only way dear child
That you will truly be free

A slave of sin
You are indeed
Every day indulging into only fleshly deeds
Dearest children when will you find any time for Me?

Reading the Word
Loving Me
When will it be dear child
When will there ever be any space for Me?

See dearest children you continue on
As if this is not the only life to live
Freedom dearest child that is what I’m calling you to
Not all this constant sin

Freedom Father says
This is My heart for you
When dearest child
When will you accept My of offer of Mercy and Grace?

My Mercies are new every morning
They will carry you through the day
By Grace you have been Found
To never again allow Sin to have Dominion over you

If you are bound by Sin dearest child
You are not free
I want you to know you could be busy
Handing your soul back to the enemy

You can’t be free
To live for Me
And be bound to Sin
This can’t be Father says

If you are free to love Me
You will love everything good found in Me
Grace, goodness, kindness
To all in need

Evil pleasures and desires
Should not have a place of dominion in your hearts
No dearest child
Your love for Me should reign as King

Please dearest children do not allow
My Son’s death on the cross
The righteousness obtained through Him
To be your reason to continue on, live in and love sin

No dearest child
My Son’s price for your sin
Was so that you could now live a life free from sin
Striving for righteousness in all you do and say

Dearest child I love you so much
And I want you to know
Me and you we can do this
We can conquer the sin in your life

As long as you are willing to admit
You went wrong
And you need Me
To show you the way

My Grace is always there
For those who need it Father says
Never ever will it run dry
As long as you continue to keep your eyes on Me

Please dearest children
Do not let My Son’s death on Calvary
Or My New Grace every day
Be the reason for you to continue living and loving Sin

No dearest child, no!
My Grace is given to help you overcome
Not to tell sin
You are my best friend

My Grace is there to make you overcome
That is why I am here
Dearest child can I ask you to love Me
Much more than you love sin?

I want you to know dearest child
That NO PIT of Darkness or Sin
Is too dark or deep
For Me to lift you out of it

I am a God of the mountains
Just as I am a God of the valleys
I am always there and I will never leave you
These are words you can depend on in the most trying times

Therefore I am asking dear children
That you make your focus only Me
Through the valleys and the mountains
I am always there


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