God of gods

My Grace is enough Father says
It is My Grace that will carry you through
My Grace is all you need
This is what the Father says

Dearest children will you keep your eyes fixed on Me?
Will you keep your gaze upon Me
And will you not allow the enemy to steal from you
The believe and trust you should have in Me?

For I am a good God Father says
I am not there to disappoint
I am there to love
And to tell you I am very near

We love you Lord Jesus
We love You so much
And we say thank you Abba for being a faithful God
Thank you for loving us so much

With You alongside us
We can face the fiercest storms
With you Abba God
There is nothing that we cannot do

It is because You are
The strength in our wings Father-God
You are the One enabling us
To hold our hands high

We will not let go Abba Father
Jesus we will hold on
Even if that is the only thing we are able to do
We will hang on

We love you Jesus
This is what we want You to know
You are our source of strength
You are our source of Peace

We love you Jesus
And we say thank you
Thank you for helping us to hold our heads high
Thank you that we can always trust You

We want to trust You more dear Jesus
We want this whole world to see
There is nothing, nothing
That our King cannot do

Teach us more faith Abba
Teach us to believe like You
Help us to never give up
And to run this race until it is complete

Without you Abba
There is nothing that we can do
We love you Jesus and we want You to know
You truly are our King

We will surrender
Our hearts and lives
We will always commit
What we do have

Abba we will not let go
We will hold fast
Until the very end
Until this world as we know it cease to be

How amazing to know
You are the One who holds us in Your hand
You are the God of gods
There is just no one else like You

What a joy to know you Father-God
What a joy to know You are the One True King
We willingly lay down our lives
To see Your Kingdom come to earth

Father may our will never be done
But always Yours
You are the Great-God Jehovah
You truly are King over all the earth

We give You all our praise dearest Jesus
We humbly submit our lives
To see Your Name and Love
Spread across the earth

May every ear hear the message of the Cross
May we always hold dear
The price that was paid
To save me and all of mankind

I pray that hearts will be opened
To receive heavenly wisdom
May hardened hearts be softened
To invite in the King

I invite all those who have not yet heard
The Gospel and Good News of Messiah Yeshua
To open up their hearts
And to receive the greatest news ever heard!

We give You our hearts Abba
We give You our lives
May the glory of our King be spread among the nations of the earth
Until every ear and heart has heard

May they open up Jesus
May they invite You to also be their King
May they discover and know
You are the One all other gods wish they could be

See because there is only one resurrected King the Father says
Jesus Christ it will always be
All knees will bow down, all lips will confess
He was the One True King

Do it today Father says
Find out who I truly are
So much wisdom and truth you will find in Me
You will ask yourself how can it be?

Believe Father says, believe
For dear world
This is who I am
Compassionate and Kind

So often not like the one
You describe Me to be
Loving and Gracious
The One inviting you in

Come before it is too late Father says
Come before it is too late
Stop delaying Father says
Come just as you are

Life and Abundance you will find in Me
This is who I truly am
Pain is not from Me, Destruction neither
Only Eternal Hope

I’m asking you to open up dear child
I’m asking you to invite Me in
Will you dearest child
Will you allow Me to come in and be your only King?

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