The Beauty & Splendor of my King

Have you allowed Him
To touch your heart
With drizzles of Love
Drops found nowhere else on earth?

I just love Your presence Jesus
Truly there is no one like my King
Beautiful in all splendor
Beauty without any compare

Dearest friend
Have you ever tasted
The sweet fragrance
Of our King?

He is a glorious King
This King of mine
How I love His hand
How I love His touch

His ways of working
Are so far above human comprehend
There is truly no way to understand Him
With our earthly brain

His love is so beautiful
His heart so true
The most amazing
I have ever seen

His words are truth
His words are pure
How I absolutely love
The beauty and splendor of my King

He fills my heart
And gives it so much peace
His great hand of miraculous works
I am yet to understand

Dear friends
He and His ways are beyond compare
Truly there is no one like You
Ever to be found on planet earth

Each and every day You teach me
The beauty of faith
How thankful I am it is not something
That could ever be found with human hands

Because faith truly says
My God is the True King
Faith says trust His heart and hand
And then dear friend, then you will see

He has flooded my heart
With so much light and love
Still I sit here and say
Please Lord give me more

How thankful I am
My God’s resources are limitless
How thankful I am
His heart is always to share

Aloud and with all my heart
I want to say
Abba, Jesus
Please give me more of You

There is so much beauty and splendor
To be found within Your heart
How thankful I am Who You are and what You have
Can never ever run dry

More and more I want of You
Better than the most evil addiction
Better than any medication of planet earth
This is who You are to me

Abba Father, Jesus please
Give me more and more
Please do not allow
The supply in my heart to ever run dry

Give me more Jesus, more and more
Keep me hungry, keep me thirsty
For Your presence
All my days, forevermore.

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