A Heart of Pursuit

My King is not moved
By any earthly circumstance
Always He is in full control
Able to keep His hand over me and you

How I wish
That I would trust Him more
For in my heart I know
He is the King above all

Above all human circumstance
Above all human behavior
He remains Lord
The King over all

How I love you Lord
How thankful I am that You are always near
I know that You will never give up
Your love will keep on pursuing me

What a blessing this is
To know and find
One day after another
My King remains Lord forevermore

In Your presence
I daily want to soak
Abba fill me with more and more
Let nothing ever be enough

Place a very deep desire
In my heart for You
A desire burning up all passions and desires of this world
My only focus being You

Because I want to run this race
Abba with my eyes fixed on You
I love you Lord
And I do, I do need more of You

Will you please fill all gaps
In my heart and soul with Your amazing love
Will You make me clean and pure
With a heart striving for righteousness in all I say and do

For King Jesus
I long for Your courts
I long for Your presence
More than my lungs for air to breathe

Who is like my King?
High and Exalted
Miraculous and Wondrous
This is the very being of my King

Lord Jesus I love You
And I give You alone all praise
May my heart always sing ‘Jesus Christ is Lord’
For I truly am nothing without my King

You fill my heart with joyful songs
It is You who makes it to overflow
Blessings and Pureness of Life
This is Your heart’s desire for me

Lord take me deeper
Take me deeper into the sphere yet unknown
I want to discover more
I need to discover more of who You are

I do not just want to be on earth
Never knowing the true heart of my King
I need to Love and Live now
Therefore I ask Abba make You all in me

Let my hands be Yours
May they touch and bring ease as You please
Let my feet be Yours all my days
As well as the words I daily speak

Abba I need Your all
In Jesus Christ I do
Give me a heart of pursuit for You
As long as I may live

Let me love Your works
More than ever before
Let nothing ever be too much
As long as You are the One holding me

Make me fearless Abba
For the storms of life
Make me fearless
For the road ahead

Let me not fear one thing
As I know You are always near
You fill my heart with so much blessing
You fill my heart with so much peace

Thank you Abba, Jesus
For doing that
Thank you for loving
And caring so much

Abba I give You all my days
I give You all my praise
Let Your Word and Your ways
Be mine until the end of all days.

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