Locks of a Painful Past

Pain from the Past
Deeply buried inside
How to open up?
How to let healing begin?

The pain is buried
So deep inside
Somehow we have been convinced
It is no longer there

Just because they have been locked up
By chains of the dark side
Behind iron bars
Does not mean they no longer exist

See it is the enemy’s will
For the pain of the past to stay locked up inside
It is My will for you
To open up and to invite True Light in

See Father says
Within My wings of Light and Love
Healing resides
Please do not ever resist My healing touch

Dear son, dear daughter
It is My heart for you
To truly open up
And to invite My Light

My Light of Glory
Will heal all brokenness
This needs to be
For you to truly be free

Do not run from My Light
Do not hide from it Father says
My heart is healing
For every broken heart

You heart has been broken
For many years dear child
Many scars the enemy has left
Upon your heart and soul

My heart is to heal dear child
For you to be fully whole and complete
Will you allow Me dear child
To break open the enemy’s chains?

For his heart is always
For you to believe
The pain is no longer there
For you to believe it no longer exists

But what he doesn’t tell you
Father says
Is that all these chains has formed you
Into the person you currently are

You are not fully free dear child
Always grumpy or in a foul mood
Controlling, manipulating
Bossy at times

Your true personality hidden
Under all the measures
You daily take
To cope with the pain

Dearest son, dearest daughter
My heart for you is to be pain-free
Free from the past
Free to live for Me

See Father says
My heart is not to add to the brokenness already there
My heart for you is to fully open up
And invite Me truly in

Do not hide from My healing
Father says
I want you free
I want you whole

Dearest son, dearest daughter
How can healing ever fully step in
If you resolve to keep the pain hidden
If you do not open up and face it with Me head-on?

Yes dearest child
I do realise
The pain is often times so huge
That it is best to pretend ‘I do not feel a thing’

Dearest children
Hear the voice of your Father
Your pain must be opened to My Light
Then healing has begun

Please dearest children
Stop hiding behind things
Stop hiding behind people
The pain must be opened up

Yes dearest children
You can be My child
And still have deep pain buried inside
Open up Father says, open up

I know dear son, dear children
Of all the pain you ever had to face
And dearest child I tell you this
I will see you through

I know and realise
It is never easy to look pain in the eye
It always seems easier to believe it doesn’t exist
And to focus the heart and eyes to something more feasible

Dearest children please
There is no more time to pretend
There is no more time to hide
The pain dear child must be opened up

Give Me your heart dear child
Give Me your life
Let Me fully show you
What I can do with a broken heart and past

I can make all things new Father says
All things
Nowhere is too far for My love and grace
My peace can reach even the most troubled heart

Will you allow Me dear son, dear daughter
To let My Light shine
On your broken past and heart
Will you allow Me to birth in you a new heart?

This is My heart Father says
To give you a new heart
A new start
A future filled with hope and bright

This is My heart for you dear child
Will you, will you invite Me
Into your pain, into your heart
And allow Me to mend the deep sorrow inside?

This is what I want to do
Father says
Dig deep and take
All pain and sorrow aside

Dearest child believe you Me
The consequences are great
If the sorrow should stay inside
Please rather come and allow Me to give you a new heart

Will you come dear child
Son, daughter
Will you open up your broken heart
Say ‘Lord please come inside’

I want you to know dearest child
My ways of working
Are gentle and soft
There is no way I will bombard My way in

It is for this reason that I am asking
Soft and gentle I am knocking at your heart
Dear children I know fully well
How tender and brittle you and your heart are

I am not here
To play with your heart
The way so many humans do
Dear son, dear daughter My heart is always to repair

I will not break your heart
More than it has been broken dear child
My heart is to mend
My heart is to make new

This is what I want to do
Slowly and tenderly
I will wait on you
Step-by-step we will work this through

Dearest children
The process is never overnight
It is a journey
For you to trust Me more each day

Slowly but surely
Dearest child
We will work through all the pain
Dearest child if only you will open wholly up

Dearest child
The pain inside your heart
It truly does need to come outside and in the Light
It cannot stay locked up and buried inside

It will only hurt you more
Dear child
As the years proceed
You’ll see they’ll only hurt you more and more

Therefore dearest child
I am here
Asking you to come
Asking you to please trust My heart

Trust the heart of the One
Who gave His Son for you
Trust the heart of the One
Who loves you complete and knows the number of hairs on your head

I will never hurt you
Dearest son
Dearest daughter
Hear the plea of your Heavenly Dad

Abba Father that is My Name
I love you more
Than the best mommy or dad on earth
Could ever love their child

Do you believe this?
Please do dearest child
Even as the best mom or dad on earth
Will never hurt their child, how much more not Me?

I’m asking you to believe
Dearest son, dearest daughter
The love that I have shown
When I gave you and everyone on earth My only Son

If you will not believe My Words
Then will you please believe the work of My Son?
I came for you to have Life He says
I came to heal broken hearts and set the captives free

Will you dearest child
Will you believe?
On the Cross of Calvary
I proved just how committed I am to set you free

Will you dearest children
Will you allow Me to come into your broken heart
Behind the locked, iron steel bars
With all the sorrow and pain that ever crossed your path locked inside?

Dearest children the pain
Truly needs to be brought outside
Healing needs to start
Please can today be the day?

The day where you decide
I will trust the King’s heart
I will trust His love for me
I will trust His Healing Light

So much deliverance I wanna give
So much healing I want to bring
If only you could see
If only you would believe

Dearest son, dearest daughter
Please do not continue with the road you are currently on
This road will not heal the way My loves heal
It will only bring more self-destruction into your heart

Come to Me Father asks
Let Me be the One
Who brings complete healing
Dearest child please you can trust Me

If you feel disappointed
About the way things have been handled in the past
Please will you allow Me
To show you what is in My heart?

Things are not the way you perceive dearest child
I never had My knife in for you
A lot of the things you had to deal with
They were not birthed in My heart

Dearest child
Will you allow Me to show you?
Will you allow Me to teach you?
Will you allow My Love to heal you?

The Love I have for you
Is immense dearest child
It is huge
No earthly love can compete

Will you trust this Love?
Will you please begin to trust My heart?
Step by step we can do this dearest child
The road ahead only leads to full, eternal victory

Hallelujah, Amen.

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