Perfect Love

How we can trust
The King’s heart
How I wish
This whole world could see

There is no truer
More beautiful heart
Than His

His heart, His heart
Is bright
And o so full of Tender Love

Will you please trust His heart
Dear friend?
His heart is not at all
Like the hearts found on earth

It is bright
It is Light
It is full of love
And kind mercies

How I wish
This world trusted my King more
How I wish they could love Him
The way He so loves us

His love is complete
Dear friend
In His perfect love
There is not one thing lacking

Your love is beautiful
Dear Father
It lits a flame of Hope
Inside my heart

A flame that says
I wanna trust my King more
I wanna love Him more
So this world can see He is the One True God

Abba please will you help us
Me and this world to trust You more?
Every human being
Found here on the earth

Show us and give us
More compassion and love for each other
May every broken heart be healed
For us to be truly free

We love you Lord Jesus
We give You all honor and praise
May we hear You more clearly
May You truly be the song we sing

We love you Lord
And we need more of You
Fill us each with Your perfect love
So we can stand whole and anew in You.

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