My eyes are on you

Lift your eyes to the heavens and say
Where does my help come from?
Your help comes from the Lord
This is what your Abba says

Dearest child
I’m asking you to trust My heart
I’m asking you to trust My will
Please dearest child you cannot think of giving up now

I know what I’m busy with
Father says
Dearest child you must know
I have not forsaken you

Is this not what My Word promises
Father says
That I will be with you
Until the end of days?

This is dearest child
Why I’m asking you
To please keep on believing
And to not let Me get out of sight

Dearest child
You can trust My heart
You can fully rely
And put all your hope in Me

I will finish it for you
Dear child
Please just continue
To keep your only focus on Me

I will fulfill it for you
Dearest child
This is My promise
Just please do not decide to ever give up

The work I have started in you
I will complete says Abba-Lord
I am fully able
Please just keep your eyes on Me

Keeping your eyes on Me
Dearest child
Not the storm around
That way I’ll be sure to get you through

I’ll set your feet upon high places
Says Father-God
And still you will be safe
I’ll make you walk on waves with Me

Please just trust My heart
Trust My hand of working
And please just know
I will never give up on you

Dearest child
My hand and heart is upon you
Surely all will be fulfilled
As you choose to keep your gaze fully on Me.

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