King of my heart

I worship you Jesus
I love you Lord
I bring You all the love and praise
I feel down here in my heart

I sing for Your Name
King Jesus
I sing because of You
And what You did in me

So far I once was from You
So very far
Still you came
Brought to me Life once again

Who am I without You Lord?
I can never say
Without You I would be falling apart
My life a decent mess

Abba Father, Lord Jesus
Thank you that You came
Thank you for bringing joy and love into my heart
Laughter that I previously knew nothing about

You are the King in my heart
Dear Jesus
The Lover of my soul
My deepest heart’s desire

To know you Jesus
Brings so much happiness and fulfillment
To my heart and life
For this I will always bring You praise

Thank you for knowing me
Thank you for loving me

Who art there but You?
This is what my heart wants to know
Surely no one can ever compare
Or do the wondrous works You did inside my heart

From broken and lost
To found and complete
Thank you dear Jesus
For coming and making my heart Your home

I love and praise You
I give you all glory due to Your Name
You are marvellous beyond all words
Knowing and loving You the biggest privilege in my life

You are worthy!
You are worthy!
I give You all honor and praise
To You and Your Holy Name my heart will forever sing

Glory to the King, yes forevermore.


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