Standing in Faith

Your eyes should always
Be on Me dear child

Through the valleys
On the Mountain-Tops of Life
Please do not ever
Let Me get out of sight

It is good to keep your eyes fixed on Me dear child
It is good
It keeps you grounded
It teaches you faith

Dearest child please continue on
And do not ever let go
Do not allow the enemy
To steal what I came to give

I came to give you a full life
Abundance of Joy
Abundance of Peace
To provide in all your needs

Hang on dear children
Keep on professing words of faith
Words of believing
Words saying you believe I keep My promises

Dear children in the Barren Times of Life
In the times you do not see supply or provision
It is then that I want you to say and belief
My God will provide in my every need

The promises in My Word
They carry so much value
If only you will keep on declaring
Keep on believing them

Do not ever let go of one of My promises
Father says
Stick to them Father says
Let them stick closer than a brother

I want you to LOVE your Word
Father says
I want you to LOVE every promise
I want you to keep on holding on to them

I’m teaching you so many wonderful things
Father says
Things you wouldn’t have learned any other way
That is dear child why I am asking you to keep on holding on

Do not let go of My Word
Do not let go of My Promises
Cleave to them and see how I will come through for you
This is what the Father says

I’m hanging on dear Father
I’m hanging on by a thread
But I’m hanging on
I will not let go, I will hold on

I know and I believe with my whole heart
You will come through for me
Just as you have done it in the past
You will do it once again

You have provided
In all my needs before
And you will do so again
I know you know all I need

Therefore I lay down my needs
Father before Your throne
I say I know You are able
I believe You will provide

From all the answers to my questions
To the unseen road ahead
As well as every promise
Found inside Your Word

Abba I want You to know
I will not let go
Until You bless me
Until I see Your hand in working

I will continue to hold on
I will not let go
We will finish this journey
Together You and me

All the tears I’ve cried
o How You have seen them
Every prayer I couldn’t utter
You heard them from my heart

Thank you Abba, Jesus
For caring so much about Your children
For always seeing us through
For never ever letting go

We will keep our eyes, our hearts and gaze
Fixed on you Jesus
For we know as in the past
You will come through for us once more

We love you so much Jesus
Thank you for never letting go
Thank you for loving us and caring much more than we deserve
You truly are GRACE COMPLETE

We love you Jesus
We love you Abba
And we say Thank You
By Your Grace we will continue on

For we know You see us
We know You care
We know You will carry us through
You truly are the ANSWER to all OUR NEED

Hallelujah, Amen.

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