Victory in the Storm

The storms of this life
I do not want to face without my King
It is because He keeps in His heart
The solution to each and every problem

In the shadows
In the sun
In the storm
In the calm

My King is always near
And He cares so much
For it is often in the times of storms
And we that continue to hold on

That we discover
Many storms we can conquer
As long as we stay close to our King
For there is no storm that He cannot handle

Through the storms of life
And in the storms of my heart
He is the One
That keeps me safely anchored

With Him I can not fail
Because He is the One upholding me
As I have decided to build my house
Upon Jesus Christ the Rock

Dearest friend can I encourage you
To do the same
Will you allow Him a place within you heart?
Will you allow Him to still the waves within your soul?

They are so very busy Father says
Your emotions are running like wildfire every day
Still the enemy is telling you
You are in full control

It’s time his lies come to an end
Father says
It’s time for all those emotions of yours
To come and bow down before My throne of Grace

Because dearest child
This is what I came to give
Peace within the worst storm
Me alone can calm every troubled wave

Because dear child
The waves, winds and waters
They know the Name of the One True King
And each of them must bow to My authority

Dearest children will you allow Me
To calm the storms within your hearts and lives?
Will you allow Me
To bring quietness within the raging storm?

It is no pleasure
Seeing how you daily struggle
Without you asking Me for help
Do you not realise I came for you to not do this on your own?

This is my heart for you Father says
Constant aid I want to give
Will you ask?
Will you allow Me to guide the way?

Even in the storms of life
I can teach you lessons of value
Yes dearest children I know it’s not always nice
But Me and you we will see this through

It is Me a part of your storm, Me in the storm
That makes it bearable and able to handle till the end
Me in the storm
That is why I’m asking please do not keep on shutting Me out

Dearest children I want to help
It is My heart to give hope
In hopeless places
Therefore I ask that you will continue to come to Me

Do you know how much better and bearable
I can make the current storm?
Dearest child the only way for this to be
Is if you will place Me in the middle of your storm

I want to make things so much better for you
Father says
So much more bearable and better than you now perceive
But then dearest child you must come

You must come and You must say
I am God
I am King
I am the only way

There is no storm the Father says
That I am not able to calm down
Every storm, every storm
Must submit and bow down to My Reign

See dearest child like the storm
That I calmed in the Bible
I would love to do the same for you
Will you allow Me?

Yes they were petrified
Me asleep like a rock
It is because I knew we were safe
They believed there was no way to be made

Dearest child with Me in your storm
There is no reason to ever be afraid
For I will see you through
Hold you tight with My love and grace

If today you are scared
Anxious of what this storm
May still bring
Will you come to Me

Will you please invite Me into your storm
Will you say Father-God look around
They waves are high
Will you please calm my heart?

Because I will dearest child
I will calm the storms within your heart and life
All because you were willing to come ask
All because you are willing to trust My heart

Without Me this storm is able to sink you the Father says
But this is not My heart for you
My heart for you is total peace within the storm
Because you know I am in full control and you never have to be alone

Yes dearest child I want you to know
There is no better or safer place
In and during the storms of Life
Than Me in the middle thereof

Draw close
Draw close in these times Father asks
Do not allow the storms of life
To distract and take you further away from Me

It is in these times Father says
The Storms of Life
That you need to draw
Closest to Me

Yes dear children I know
See and Realise
It is most often in the difficult times
That you draw back in your faith, trust and belief in Me

I do not want it to be like this
Our Father says
Dearest children I want you in the toughest times
To continue on seeking Me

In these times Father says
You should draw closest to Me
Because dear children it is only by doing this
That you will receive strength and wisdom to continue and hold on

See dear children
I want you to place Me
In the centre of your problems
In the centre of your storms

It is only by doing this
That you will be able to stand and journey on
By placing Me in the middle
You will know where your focus must be and stay

I must be the focus of your problem
Father says
Not the problem
Me and you knowing nothing is impossible with My King

I want you to keep your focus on Me
Dear children
Do not ever let it be moved or shaken
Stand FIRM in your trust and belief of Me

Focus on Me Father says
Not on your storm
Not on your problems
And I will continue to see you through

See it is by doing this Father says
Keeping your eyes fixed on Me
And not the storm
That you will receive GRACE to continue on

My Grace will cover you Father says
It will give you the strength to hold on
To not let go
Just keep your eyes on Me

Spending time with Me
Loving Me
Dearest child I tell you this
I will carry you through

Do not draw back Father says
Do not draw back in the eyes of adversity
Storms raging high
Dearest child I am the Only One you need

Dearest child do you know
And realise
I am above all storms of life?
I am above all trying to let you loose faith and hope?

See dear child
That is why I am asking
Keep your eyes and focus on Me
It is only by doing this that you will continue to carry on

It’s by keeping your eyes on Me
That you will receive Grace
For the next step
And then the next one after that

Keep your eyes on Me dear child
Keep your gaze upon Me
Not on the problems and storms of life
And know that I will carry you through

I will dear child
I will come through for you
Love Me Father says with your all
Just continue to LOVE Me

I will carry you through the storms of life
Father says
All I need from you is your belief and trust in Me
And your hand refusing to ever let go of Mine

That is all I need Father says
Your faith and belief
Your gaze fixed upon Me
And never the storm

Hallelujah, Amen.

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