Alive & Well

Come to Me all who are down-trodden
And heavy-burdened
Dear child please come to Me
And I will give you rest

If you will put your hand in Mine
Dear child
You will see you future
Bright as the starry sky

Dear child come put your trust in Me
Please dear child come
Nothing is too much for Me
Nothing too small, nothing too big

I’m interested in the smallest, tiniest
Little thing of where it concerns you
Dear child
If you would come you would see

If you would come
You would find
I am Life
And everything beautiful resides in Me

Come dear child
Closer to Me

It is My heart’s desire
For you to know the Truth in the deepest part of you
It is My desire
For you to know I am Truth, I am Life, I am the Only Way

Dear child come
Come, closer to Me
A little bit more
A little bit more…

It is there that you will hear My voice
Personally speaking to you
Resounding in the depths of your soul
Is My voice calling out to you

Dear child
When will you answer the call?
Please stop saying no
Please start saying yes, the time is now

Dear child come

I love you dear child
With an everlasting love
The depths of My heart cry out to you
It longs to call you My dearest child

Dear child
When, when will you afford Me the opportunity
To come in and live inside your heart

Please, please allow Me in
I know you don’t know this yet but dear child I tell you this
No earthly pleasure or worldly fulfillment
Will ever give you what you will find in Me

If your religion is dead
If there is nothing alive in it…
You know in your heart
If it truly feeds the deepest desires of your heart…

Dear child come, come closer please
Come and find out for yourself
My ‘religion’ as you would call it is not death
It is ALIVE and WELL, it is Me

Life in its truest and fullest fulfillment is Me
Dear child it is Me
I am Life
They call me the Son of God

Please come closer
Please come and find out for yourself
Are what you believe truly the Truth?
Does it really pave the Way to Eternal Life?

Eternal Life is something
You will only find in Me dear child
Only through My Son, His death, resurrection
Life and eternal reign as King

Dear child you need to be sure
Please do not delay
The time is now
Please give Me the time of day

Your eternity is at stake dear child
It is not something you should deny
Come closer and find out
What you believe is it truly real?

Because if it is dead
I propose and offer you the following
Eternal life reigning as a king in the Kingdom of God
With My Son being the Ultimate One

Dear child do you realise
The love We have for you?
We loved you before the world began
We love you with a fierce love

A love that cannot be shaken
With anything this world can ever offer
Or throw unto your path
Dear child the time is now

Please come
Please do not delay
Please come
Please come

Find out for yourself
You will see
And find
I am truly the Only One.

Hallelujah, Amen.