Only One

I am the only one
I am the only one
There is no one else like Me
I am the Only One

No other king
Has or will ever
Lay down his life for his servants
Tell Me do you know of anyone such as this?

A righteous king
A king of light
Wherein no inch of darkness will
Or could ever be found

A king of glory
A king of beauty
A king of splendor
Dear child I tell you there is no one such as this

He is glorious and bright in radiance
Holiness and pureness
Are the foundation of His throne
Tell me dear child do you know of anyone such as this?

He is the only king
Worthy to be forever served
He is without any shortcomings
Only uprightness, justice and truth are found in His beautiful and glory-heart

He is My King
This is the King of Whom I sing
A King no one in this world could ever compare to
He is the joy of my life, He surely is my greatest delight

Dearest King Jesus
I bow before Your throne
I worship You in holiness and truth
Because I know this is who You are

I will not bring lies to deceive Your heart
I will not bring idle stories trying to steal Your time
I will bring you my all, in purity and honesty of heart
I choose to come and bow down before Your throne

Father-God, King Jesus, Holy Spirit
Take all of my life, take all of me
I hold nothing back
Please consume my heart

Fill me with Your fire, fill me with Your anointing
For this whole world to see
You are the greatest King
This world could and will ever see