Offer of Salvation

Repent, repent dear world
This is what the Father asks
For how many years have you seeked to know Me?
Have you seeked to know the truth?

Dear child I am Truth
I am the Way
I am Life
In all its fullness says the Lord

Dear child I will not hold back any further
I will not
I will pour out My Spirit
On all willing to ask

Dear child open your heart
Open your heart up to Me
In a way that you have not done it thus far
Open up

Lift up your eyes to the heavens the Lord says
Your redemption draws nigh
Praise Me dear child

I can not compare with any other god
For I am not like them the Father says
I am Life
I am Breath

None of them can even do 1 thing that you ask
You give them your money, your life
Your tears, your daily sacrifices
Do you not realise I am the ONE AND ONLY true sacrifice?

I am Life says the Lord
Come to Me and you will find
I am Life
I am Life

Everything I say
Everything you hear about the Christian faith
Dear child it is true
I am the ONLY WAY

I am fullness says the Lord
I am everything you have so hoped in your life to find
Dear child I AM LOVE
Will you please come and say hi?

Dear child I know you have maybe only heard about Me
I am the God of Israel, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
I am the One who they say
Is the all-powerful wise God

Dear child I am not like all the other gods
I am much different than them
For a start I am ALIVE
They unfortunately for you are not

It does not help to bow down at their feet
It does not help to cry all those tears of pain and sorrow
Dear child they are not alive or have ears to listen
They do not care a bit, dear child I kid you not

I know for many years you have served them well
Believed with all your heart that they are real
Dear child they are not
I am the ONLY ONE who are

I am a Forgiving God
I am a Loving God
I do not require works to be saved and spared from hell
I require only that you believe in the One whom I have sent

Dear child My Son’s Name is Jesus
I love Him so much
We loved YOU so much
That is why He had to come

Dear child will you believe what you hear?
Every word of it is truth
I care so very much for you

Will you come closer?
Will you allow Me to share a bit more of My heart?
Dear child I am LOVE
You were condemned to hell but then I came

I long for us to be re-united
For us to be once again
In a place such as the Garden of Eden
Where everything is in a perfect state and My peace, love and joy reside

Dear child this union was broken
When Adam and Eve allowed sin into their hearts
They fell for the lies of the Prince of Darkness
Telling them they themselves will be as gods

See dear child to believe you must come closer
You must open your heart
Consider what I’m saying
Is this the truth or not?

See dear child no amount of any good works
Can ever save your heart and soul and take you to a place called heaven
Only trusting in Jesus
And the price He paid instead of you

See dear child this is the story
Everyone has sinned and fallen short of the glory of the Lord
The penalty for sin is death eternally away from Me
Forever condemned to a place burning with fiery flames

Dear child that is where this whole world was headed
If I did not decide to come
To give you an opportunity to be saved
That is why I came

My Son on the Cross of Calvary
Died a terrible death
Full of pain, agony and anguish
Still keeping YOU and the love We have for this world in His heart

See dear child sin is everything
That separates from Me
Anything keeping you from coming
Anything done against that which is written in My Word

Have you ever stolen anything, no matter how small?
Have you ever said a blasphemous word?
Have you ever desired to have the possesions or wife/husband of a friend?
Dear child this is sin

Because My Law and commands have been forsaken
And you did not obey them
You are a sinner
Lost forever if not found by My Grace

See dear child I came to give you another chance
To save you – from yourself and the lies you were led to believe
Dear child NO AMOUNT OF ANY GOOD WORKS will ever be able to save you
Only MY SON – JESUS – can

If by faith you will believe and open up your heart
Invite Him in and ask Him to live inside of you
To be the Lord and Savior of your life
He will do the same

See dear child with Him you have a brand-new life
The old and past is gone
It is forgiven in the Sea of God’s forgetfulness
With great love and mercy the new has arrived!

Now dear child you will have to start and grow
See after My Son Jesus was crucified
And raised to life 3 days thereafter
Things has never again be the same!

He gave His life for you
And the sins of the rest of the world
After walking around on planet earth after His resurrection
Assuring His children and disciples He was indeed raised from death

He ascended into heaven to be with His Father above
He sent forth His disciples to proclaim the gospel
He promised them the gift of the Holy Spirit
Till today our Helper and Best Friend

He is the Strength from above
He is our Comforter, Counsellor and Advocate
The ONLY ONE we need to now live a godly life
And follow Jesus and His footsteps with all our heart

He will guide us, He will show us the way to go
In and with Him you will find live to be a true pleasure
Your live will never again be the same
He will come and live in you if only you will ask

He will remind us of all the words
Our Heavenly Father and Jesus have said
He will help us to make wise decisions
Leading to the Path of Life

Dear child all you have to do is invite the Lord Jesus into your heart and life
Make Him your One and Only King
Follow in His footsteps
Learn from His Word and obey when He asks

See dear child it is that simple
No difficult, theological, super-inventive-spiritual-truth
As simple as dear Jesus please forgive my sin
I accept Your offer and atonement for SALVATION
Please come and live in my heart

Dear child if you have prayed this prayer
You have been saved
You now have the opportunity to forever be with Me
In My Heavenly Home you will reign with Me as a king

Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God
Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called Sons of God
Dear child consider it an honor if you should suffer for My Name’s sake
In the world’s eyes I’m being blasphemed, in My eyes I’m being glorified

Dear child thank you for allowing Me the time
To share My heart and tell you more about who I am
I hope you now understand a bit more about the history of your past
I came for you to have Life and not to ever go to a place called Gehenna

Dear child will you accept MY OFFER of Salvation?
Will you allow Me to be your King?
Will you grow to love Me the same way I love you?
Will you choose today to choose LIFE and never again DEATH?

I’m waiting with open arms dear child
How I hope you say yes
Please do not ignore the voice of My Holy Spirit
He is NOW knocking at the door of your heart hoping you will answer this call

In Jesus Name,

(If your heart is open to receive more revelation please watch out for the new movie ‘Son of God’ ~ it should be coming to a theatre close to you SOON. Be blessed friend! Letitia x)