Forbidden Fruits

My God is so great!
His heart so beautiful
If you could only see
The longing living inside of His heart

He longs to be one
With every one of His children
Everyone He created
He longs to live inside of you!

His longing is so much greater
Than this world will ever know
His heart is pure love
Love far greater than any human mind can possibly perceive!

His heart is love dear world
Love that can touch and soften
Even the toughest
And very coldest heart

He is so gentle
He is so kind
He is forever alive
I love Him so!

Lord Jesus, Father-God
I love you so and I forever want to abide in Your will
I know the love I feel for you
Is not even a glimpse of how You feel about me and the people in this world

The love in Your eyes
Shines through the darkest night
You are with us always
Your great love no words can adequately express

You are so great!
Your love for us so huge!
Before Your throne dear Jesus
We come and worship on our knees

Your throne is eternal
No one will ever be like You
You are the Great King
Alpha, Omega, Jehovah!

How can You possibly be so kind
How can You still continue to reach out
To a lost, broken and rebellious world
Full of so much sin and ugliness indeed!

Dear child it is because I know
This is not your eternal destination
Those who chose Jesus will again be with Me
It will be so much better than down here on earth

I keep on reaching out
Trying to make this world see
I am the Only One
Trying because I am a just and righteous God

My heart overflows with love for My God
If you could feel His heart for a second
You would never again hesitate
To come and make Him your Only King!

He is so much more than anything in this world
He is Love
He is Hope
He is Life

His presence is so close
To those who love
Fear and obey
His commands

Those who love Him
He loves them so
He so wishes you wanted to be a part
Of the children He calls His

He loves us with an everlasting love
Like flames of fires
It comes from His eyes
His heart of compassion consumes everything around

Father-God I want to grow in love for You
Deeply and more affectionately acquinted with You
You own my heart
I love You more than words can possibly say

I love You
I love You
I love You
I love You

What more can I give?
Who I am
Body, soul and spirit
You can have it all

Your love deserves nothing less
Your love demands
Children willing to obey Your commands
Doing what You ask

We are sometimes
So very quick to say
I love You Lord
I am Your child

Why is it dear children
That your lives do not profess
What you so easily confess?
Does your life truly say I am King?

Because dear child
That is how this world will know you are Mine
By the way you live
The words coming from your mouth

Dear child I do not want works
I want a heart of love
Love choosing to obey
When I ask

How often do you hear
My still soft voice
And then still pretend that you did not hear
Deciding to do what I did not advise

Dear child
I want your love
I want your obedience
Because you love Me

Dear child
Perhaps you do not realise
I’m not asking for My benefit
I’m asking for yours

Today it is still the same
So many people like Adam and Eve
Standing in front of the tree bearing the fruits
Of the knowledge of good and evil

Still believing
You cannot trust My words
Still very eagerly
Wanting to indulge and taste the forbidden fruits

Dear child there are so many forbidden fruits today
Still daily you choose to take of them and to not obey My commands
Choosing not life but death
Over life with Me and doing as I ask

See up and till today
You still do not trust My heart
You still believe I’m over-protective
Not nearly as knowledgeable as you

Still trusting the enemy’s lies
Over the beauty of My heart
No one knows more and better than Me dear child
I am the Creator, you are the Creation

Dear child, dear child
Come to Me
I long for us to walk in close fellowship
That is why I created the Garden of Eden

I want us to be friends
Caring about each other’s hearts
I long for fellowship
Wanting so badly for us two to be one

So many until this day choose to do what Adam and Eve did
Forsaking My heart and the path of Life
Letting go of My hand
Walking in the way leading only to eternal death

You will know what God knows
You will be as God is
That was his lie in the beginning
Today it is still the same thing

Being your own god is only going to let you lose your life
As for them it will also be your great fall in the end
Dear children do not build your own altars
Doing only as and like you please

It’s going to get you into so much trouble
Rather let Me be King
Build your live on the Rock ME
I came for you to have Life

To bring you back to me
To save you from yourselves
Your selfish desires
And your flesh

Deep in every heart
Lies this desire
To know the One True King
To love and worship Him with our all

Why do we not just give our lives to Him
Do as He asks
Surrendering our hearts
Trusting His

He is way more beautiful
Than any human being can conceive
With Him the veils will fall from our eyes
And the truth will fully be revealed

Give Him your heart
Give Him your all
We choose Your presence dear King
Because we know You are truly the only One who Is

Above all
That the world can ever give
That is You
You are beautiful beyond any comparison

We love, adore, praise and lift-up
Your beautiful name dear Father
We love You and appreciate the gifts
You so lovingly bestow on us every single day

We worship and exalt Your Holy Name
Forever we sing praises
To Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Our Savior and Eternal Reigning King