Earthly Love

Beautiful beyond
What words can express
That is how very beautiful
Precious and dear You are to me Lord

Dear child if you could see
The burning love I have for you
Nothing would ever be too much to endure
Until we have reached the end

Hand in hand we can walk this road
Like two long-time lovers
Who have been married
For the better part of their lives

With years their love for each other have grown
Sweeter and more beautiful as the days went by
They lived their lives with the promise that they will never part
Appreciating each other more and more as time went by

They take long strolls
Laugh about the past
Remember the good times
Are thankful for the ones that made them strong

That is how it must also be for us the Lord asks
Like two long time lovers holding hands
Sharing a kiss or soft caress
Committed to never lose their love

With you I want to share My heart
I long to tell you what lies in My deepest part
Holding hands I want to walk this road with you
Talking to My sweetheart, sharing the beauty of love

I’ll meet you in death
You often say
How is it that you never choose
To share the same kind of love with Me?

I love you so much
I love you more than words can say
Dear child next time you admire the beauty of earthly love
Please remember how much I wish this could also be you and Me

Love that grows stronger and more beautiful
As the years pass by
Beautiful in compassion, splendour and love
How I wish this could also be us

I love you so much
So much He says
I want us to grow old together
See the sunlight dancing on our silver hair

Come to Me, come to Me
I long to share My heart
Make you My own
Love you till the end of time

Through the ups and downs of life
The joys and struggles
I will be there
Holding your hand

Now and forever
That is My promise
When you accept My invitation
And open your heart to Me

Committed I will always be
Only asking that the same promise
Remain to also live in you
Will you stay faithful my love?

The love you have at the end
Will it be the same
As the day we vowed
To become one and never again part?

Do not have an adulterous eye
Allowing other lovers to show you an alternative way
All will again be the same as new battles come to face
The grass only looks greener on the other side

Dear children I wish you could see
This is what I so hope we could have
As years go by and grey hairs grow
May the beauty of our love be the stronghold to fall back on

Stay committed dear child
That is all I ask
One day when this journey of life
Comes to an end

We will also sit on a porch
Gaze into each other’s eyes
Look back with happiness and contentment in our hearts
Because we’ll know all was indeed worthwhile.