Victor’s Crown

Let go of all the things
You hold dear
Follow Me
Walk in My footsteps

Do what I did
Proclaiming the Gospel
Living truth
Speaking what is right

I did not seek My own kingdom
I saught the Kingdom of God
My Abba Father
Your Abba Father

I have a divine will and purpose
For all My children He says
Come into alignment
With My plan He says

Walk in the way of our Father
As I did He asks
No need to do more
No need to do less

Follow Me in all your ways
It will lead to LIFE
Although the road of life
May be steep and rough at times

Hold tight
Never let go
The one enduring to the end
He will wear the victor’s crown

Hold fast dear child
Do not let go
The steps you’re taking
Please know I’ve walked the same road

I understand
It may not be easy
But dear child it will be worth it
Do not let go, do not let go

Hold on until the very end
When all will end
When the mighty have fallen
I will still stand

Hold on dear child
Do not give up somewhere in-between
Stand firm
Steadfast in all that is true and right

Do not allow yourself
To be flung from side to side
By every wind of teaching
Coming your way

Stand firm
Stay in My Word
Gird yourself with Truth
I AM the WAY

I love you more
Than the sand
On the seashores of life

Dear child
You can fully trust
And rely on Me

I will be with you until the end of Time
So keep on believing
Trusting Me
Do not ever give up

I am the One holding your hand
With Me, taking each step
Will never have to be on your own
Hold on, hold on

Knowing that I love you
More than you could possibly ever know
I love you dear child
Precious and beautiful you will always be to Me.