Promises from God

How do we know
When something is a promise from God?
It is Word that I gave which you will be able
To trace back in time

It is Word that you will not be able to deny
Because dear child you will know
You will know
I have spoken to your heart

It is Word that have carried you
Through tough times
A Promise that you have cleaved to
In very dark times

See My promises are given
To give My children hope
To carry them through
Difficult and trying times

A promise is a word that gives you hope
In times of very little hope
It is something that tells you all will again be better
As long as you continue to journey on

See Father-God says
Each and every single promise
Is given to give you hope
It is meant to bring hope to your heart

See dear children My promises
Are the fulfillment of the hopes in your heart
It is My promises that will hold you fast
Give you hope to hang on

Dear children I know of the tears you have cried
I know of the tears you still cry
All because you refuse to let go of My hand
Even for a second

I know dear child of the promises
You cherish in your heart
I know the Father says
Because I have placed them there

I am a Keeper of My Word
I am always watchful to bring it into fulfillment
All is part of a bigger picture dear child
If only you will never decide to let go of My hand

And when dear child, when is it time
For the promise to be fully embraced
Please do not shut it out
Please do not deny the fulfillment a place in your heart

Because dear child I can understand
Sometimes you have held on for such a long time
It is difficult for you to comprehend
The time has now finally arrived

I want you to believe dear child
That I have done the work
I want you to keep on proclaiming it
I do not want you to ever let go

Will you please not
Will you please not ever let go?
Will you keep on believing
Professing my God can do ANYTHING

For NOTHING is impossible with My King
This is what I would want you to say
Because dear child these are words of faith
Words of life spoken over your heart

Dear children these words will give you faith
It will built faith within your heart
Dear children have you forgotten
This is what TRUE FAITH is?

It is believing when you see nothing
It is believing there is no other way to go
This is faith dear child
True faith

Believe, believe
Keep on believing and then you will see
You will the Father says
You will.

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