Do not allow your promise to be stolen dear child
This is what the Father says
Was the road to get here not long enough?
Dearest child please you cannot give up now

Dearest child please do not let go
Please do not give up on the promise I gave
I need you to stay firm
I need you to only utter words of praise

Dearest child this is what I need from you
Unwavering faith
Faith as small as a mustard seed
So that you can move the giant-mountain right infront of you

See Father says that is what the enemy does
He feeds your mind and soul with so much fears
That it is tough for your spirit to realise
It is only lies

See dear children
I am no unfaithful God
I do not give a promise
And do not keep it until the very end

See dear children there has been so many promises
Stolen from the hearts of My children
Stolen by the hands of the enemy
All because My children refused to continue to believe

It is because of this the Father says
That so many of My children’s promises has been lost
Because they have given up
They decided to stop in their belief

Dear children I do not want you to EVER give up
It doesn’t matter how long it takes
For My promises to come into fulfillment
As long as you keep on and continue to believe

If I have given you a promise
It will be done Father says
As long as you believe
As long as you continue on

Dear children
Do not look at time
With Me there is no such thing as time
Only BELIEVE until you see the promise fulfilled

See that is what brings my Words into fulfillment Father says
Your belief
Trust Me dear child
And know that I will come through for you

If I have promised you dear child
That your children will be saved
Cleave to it
And do not EVER let go

If I have promised you a baby
If I have given you a Word
Dear child you can stand on it
I tell you this it will surely be fulfilled

It will be fulfilled the Father says
It will
It is time for the enemy’s lies to be destroyed
I am a Promise-Keeper in every way

Dear children I do not want you to ever doubt
I do not want you to let go
My Word and every promise will be fulfilled
As long as you refuse to ever let go

Never let go of your promises dear friend
What the Father has promised
He is faithful to perform

Every promise
Every promise will be fulfilled
Every single promise as long as we continue
To fix our eyes on You

I am a Faithful-God Father says
Always have been, Always will be
Thank you so much Father-God
For giving us this Word

Do not ever let go dear friend
Do not ever
Do not believe the lies of the enemy
Telling you we can not trust the King

It is all lies Father says
All lies to deceive your heart
See his heart is always to tell you I can not be trusted
Why doesn’t he ever tell you he is an evil sly

Evil Father says, evil he is in all his ways
I’m asking you to trust My heart dear child
I’m asking you to trust My heart
With the beauty you will find in there nothing can compare

Although things sometimes take time the Father says
I have a perfect plan
Please dear child do not allow the enemy
To steal My promise from your heart

Continue you on, build your faith
And please dear child, please
Do not ever give up on a single promise
That I have ever given you.

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