Whole & Free

What love, mercy and kindness
The Father has bestowed
On us His children
How sad that not all have come to say yes

Dear world
Can you not see our Father calling?
Can you not see Him
Reaching out in love?

He loves this world so much
He so fully cares for us
His heart’s desire is for us
To be complete and whole in Him

That is my heart’s desire
Dear friend
To share my every secret with Him
To invite Him into all areas of my life

He has brought so much healing
Peace into my heart
How He longs to do the same for you

Are you constantly agitated
Constantly in a bad mood
Then perhaps dear friend it is time
To give Him a place of honor in your heart

In His Heart He carries so much love
He carries so much joy
How He desires
To also make this your part

He longs dear friend
To share the beauty of His heart with you
He longs to be your best friend
He longs to be fully united with you

Please do not shut Him out
Please open up your heart
You will find dear friend
He is nothing like the way He is so often perceived

He is a kind God
He is loving in all His ways
His judgements are just
He has righteous hands

Dearest friend I know where you are
For I have been there
How thankful I am now
That I answered His call

Will you please do the same?
His love will heal all the brokenness in your life
He longs dear friend for you to be fully one with Him
He longs for you to please just say yes

Will you dear friend
Will you allow Him to flood your heart and soul with light?
Will you allow Him to show you a better way?
Will you allow Him to lead you to eternal life?

It starts and ends with His Son – Jesus Christ
He is the Way
He is the Truth
He is Life

In Him you will never die
In Him you will not seize to be
Even if you lose your life here and now
You will forever be with Him

In a place called Eternal Paradise
Where things will be as they once were
Without all the brokenness sin has allowed
But whole and free in our Father’s love for each and everyone of us.

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