Beauty in the Skies

Choruses of heaven
You can hear in the singing
Of early-morning-birds
Sitting in the trees

They tell of the love
My Abba-Dad has
For each and everyone
Of His children down here

Tell me dear friend
When last did you hear
The beautiful birds
Sing in the trees?

They sing of the kindness
The grace that My King bestowed
When He gave His life willingly
To die for you and me

Do you hear the beauty
In their voices dear friend?
Can you hear them sing
When last did you allow them to touch your heart?

So often they are silenced
By the busyness in this world
So often they are made quiet
So that we cannot hear the song they sing

Dear friends they sing of the beauty
You will find in the heart of our King
Always, every morning they are on their posts
Welcoming the new break-dawn

O dear friends if you could only see
The delight they find in the presence of their King
If only you could hear the songs they sing
And believe every word

See every created being
Is made to serve the King
To love and enjoy His presence
To fully trust the beauty of His heart

Dear children if you could only see
If your eyes could truly be opened
To the beauty in the skies
The beauty in My heart

Every living creature
Every single day
Sing praises to the King
It is as if they know what we are never willing to receive

I can never understand
How people miss seeing Me in everything around
If only they would ask creation
They would find the answer indeed

I am the One feeding the beasts of the field
Every living creature I know by name
The Father says
I created them

Father-God thank you so much for loving us
Thank you Jesus – Son of God – that You came
Thank you for silencing our hearts
Thank you for showing us that You are indeed in everything

The winter-sun shining down on our faces
The peace you bring into our hearts
You fill our hearts with so much gladness
You truly are the One we adore

Together with the early-birds
Singing your praises
Abba I want to join them
Thank you for this beautiful day

Another day to enjoy Your presence
Another day to be so thankful
Another day to be a blessing
Thank you Abba for leading us in the way we should go

May we share the love we have found in You
May we tell of the peace You have placed into our hearts
For truly Father-God You are the One True King
We are so thankful for being able to proclaim that

Thank you for saving our souls
Thank you for once again giving us new hope
With You everything truly does become new
Thank you for the beauty You have placed into our hearts

We worship You Jesus
We say thank you
Thank you for being who You are
For sharing Your life and love with us

Our hearts are overwhelmed
By the Grace You have shown
The Love You gave
The beauty in Your heart

Father-God I pray in this day
Bless all Your beautiful children around the world
Those who do not know You yet, may they find You
Those who do, thank you for holding them tight

You Abba are the greatest King
And greatest Father this world will ever know
You are goodness, kind and so gracious to us
May this also fill our hearts

May we share with deep fondness
The love we have found in Thee
May we never be shy
To tell all those around

For You are Life itself Father-God
What an honor and privilege to know Your heart
Thank you for allowing us to get to know You
Thank you that You are the One living in our hearts

We sing praises Father-God
To Your great and beautiful Name
So very deserving You are of all the praise this world could ever bring
Thank you dear Abba for the love we have found in Thee

Your love completes us
It gives us hope for a better tomorrow
Mercy, goodness and kindness
That is truly who You are

We bring You all glory and praise
We lift Your name up high
Thank you Jesus – Son of God – for who You are
Thank you for sitting at the right-hand side of Father-God

It is You who make life possible
In every way
You being the only one who could ever
Pave the way to Eternal Life

Thank you Jesus that You came
Thank you for saying Yes to Father-God
Please help me Father to always do the same
To let Jesus be my example of obedience, mercy and grace

The Life, the life that I have found in You
Nothing else could ever compare
Thank You Abba Father for saving my soul
Thank You for giving me a new life to live

I want to live the way
Jesus lived when He was on planet earth
Let His example be my example
To all those around

We bless Your beautiful name Father-God
And we say thank you
Thank you for filling our hearts and lives
With joy unspeakable and full of glory

Thank you for giving us
Something to look forward to
Eternal life and that with You
What a promise Father-God!

We can not wait to always be with You
In Your heavenly home
Where You have prepared a place
For all those who have put their faith and trust in You

Thank you Jesus that You came
Thank you for being the door to our Father’s heart
Because of You we have found favor and grace in the Creator’s sight
We say thank you Father that You sent Your only Son

Because of Him we can come boldly before Your throne
Because of Him we can sing of Saving Grace
Because of Jesus the way has been paved
For us to find our way back to the One who is Amazing Grace

How beautiful the song
You gave all creation to sing
Because of Father-God sending His Son
We now once again have Eternal Life

Beautiful dear Father
You are to us Your children
We worship You Abba
We say thank you

Mercy, Love
Goodness, Kindness
That is who You are
Please let it also fill our hearts

Let people see You when they see us
May they encounter You
Every time we speak
To share a loving, thoughtful word

Abba take the ugliness out of our hearts
Give us purity of LOVE
Let us show it to all around
Not only with those who have found favor in our sight

How thankful we are Father-God
That You showed this whole world Your favor
That You did not exclude one soul
But that every man is so very welcome to come

Father-God therefore we honor You
We say thank you for the grace
That You have shown this world
Grace that gave us an opportunity to forever be with You

Father let us not deny
This offer of eternal life
With the King of Creation
And His One and Only Beautiful Son

Let us see dear Father
That this is an opportunity
To spare ourselves from hell
Where everyone who did not accept this offer of love and grace will go

Not because You are a difficult and awful God
But because every man on planet earth
Has sinned and fallen short
Of the glory of God

See that is the penalty for sin
Eternal punishment
But because I sent My Son
You now have a chance to once again be one with the King

See dear child
That is why My Son came
To save this world and every man
To save them from themselves

I have handed you once again
The opportunity to be reunited with Me
To love Me as My Son
To love Me as your Dad

I love you dearest child
That is why I came
That is why I sent My Son
The beauty of My love you can forever trust

Beautiful dear child
That is what you will find in My heart
My heart is not like yours
Very wicked in all your ways

Your back you turned on Me Father says
Not the other way around
Other gods you have made for yourselves
Idols, statues, gods that I know nothing about

It is because dear child
They do not exist
There is no inch of breath in their lungs
How silly to think people worship the works of their own hands

I can understand dear child
It is because you have been made to worship
If you do not serve Me you will for sure worship something else
But surely dear child it is time for you to come find out who the true living God is

My Name is Jehovah
God of the Armies
High and exalted above all others
There is NO ONE else like Me

Will you start by reading more about Me?
Will you allow your heart to be touched by My great love for you?
Dearest child that is all I ask
An opportunity to just share My heart

Read the words
Read the words that you will find on this blog
See dear child how I can touch you
And transform your life

To Me you are beautiful dear child
Do you know that I have created you in your mother’s womb?
This is what the Father says

Believe Me for I am Truth the Lord says
Truth in all and every way
My hand I am extending to you
How dear child, how I wish you would say yes to My love, mercy and grace.

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