Carriers of the Gospel

I need carriers of the Gospel Father says
I need carriers on whom I will be able
To pour out My Spirit
This is what the Father says

Who will come?
Who will come?
I need you dear children to lay down your lives
And to come live My plan for your life

Dear children, dear child
Please will you come?
Do not hold out Father says
Give Me your all please

Dearest child I need you to come
Please will you?
Will you please not allow the enemy to continue
Keeping you away from Me and My plan for your life?

Dearest child please
Please I need carriers of the Gospel
You cannot continue to live life this way
Father says

One foot in the world
One foot with Me
Living in the Spirit
Dearest child this will no longer work

My fullness dear child
My fullness I want to share with you
Healing miracles, Alive in the Spirit
Alive in Me that is what I want to give

Dearest child will you ask Me
Will you ask Me
To fill you with the Fire of God
This is what the Lord says

I want revival to spread
Abroad the nations of the earth Father says
I want to see this world shake
Underneath My glory Father says

I need Carriers
I need Carriers of the Gospel Father says
Dearest child please will you start living for something
So much greater and more eternal than you could possibly ever dream of?

Yes Father-God, yes
I want to share the gospel with the nations of the earth
Father-God I do not want to hold anything back
Father I’m willing to give up everything to see revival come into my life

Father fill me with Your Spirit
Fill me with Your Annointing
I wanna be a Carrier of the Gospel
Till the day I lay down my head

Fill Me Father
Fill Me with Your Spirit
Fill Me with Your Power
Fill Me with Your Strength

Father I give my everything
I give my everything
To live the life
You have prepared for me

I can’t give you any less Father
I don’t want to
I don’t want life to be about me
I want it to be about You always

Father fill me with Your Fire
Fill me with power and strength from Above
Fill me so that everyone I meet will say
I too wanna know this King who will forever reign

Father let me overflow
With the Gifts of the Spirit
Let me have everything that You came to give
When You died upon the cross of Calvary

Father-God I do not want to continue
Living a lukewarm life
I want to be full of You Jesus
I want You to live fully in me

Will you please Father
Will you fill my heart with more love for You?
Will you fill my heart with more love for others?
I so want to be complete in the love You have for me

Whole and free Father-God
That is who I want to be
I want to be free from all the shackles found on earth
I want to live fully for my King

Revival Father-God
This is what I long for
I long to see this world set ablaze with Your power and love
I long for them to meet and know You as the One True King

This is my greatest desire
For Your Name to be lifted high!
For Your Name to be forever spread!

Dearest child can I trust you
Can I trust you with the work
I am ready to do
This is what the Father asks

Dearest child I want you to know
There is no greater life to live
Than the one I have prepared for you
This is what the Father says

I want My Name to be
Forever lifted high Father says
I want this world saved He says
Will you be the one I am able to do it through?

More Father-God
More of You in our lives
Teach us and show us Father
So seek You with ALL our hearts

Take us beyond
The veils of ordinary
Take us Father beyond
What the world sees as normal

I do not want normal for My children
Father says
I want extraordinary
In your everyday lives

Will you allow Me dear child
To stir a light of passion within your heart?
A passion for My Kingdom
A passion for what needs to be done

There is so much more Father says
So much more
Dear children do you really
Not want this to be your part?

I want to light a fire so high
A passion so ablaze
That you will be able to kindle fires
Wherever you may go

Do you not want this dear child?
Do you truly not want this world to see Me for who I truly am?
Because that is what you will be doing Father says
Once you start to live My plan for your life

Life is not about you dear child
Life is about having My Kingdom come to earth
Life is about acknowledging I am only travelling through
My real home is not about

See dear children I want your lives to be
Living testimonies of what I am able to do through to you
I came so you could be a part of My Kingdom
A builder in the Forever-One

Will you dear child
Will you open your heart to receive My wisdom?
Will you allow Me to touch you afresh
With the Fire from Above?

This is who I am Father says
Alive and well
Ready to do My part
Ready to perform what I have said

Let Your life Father
Let Your plan
Your Will and Kingdom
Let it always be my part

Hallelujah, Amen.

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