Forever Reigning King

The greatest treasure
In my heart
Is the truth and beauty
Of Your Love and Grace

Thank you Jesus
That You came
Thank you Abba
For saving my heart

I was so far from You
For such a long time
So distant in what I did and said
So far from what Life truly were

Thank you Jesus
Thank you that You came
May my life always reflect Your glory
May I lay down my life just as You did

You were willing
To do the unthinkable for me
Let me Jesus always be willing
To do the same for You

I will not Father
I will not allow Satan to draw me away
From the Life You came to give
I will remain steadfast

For who is more worthy
To be praised than You?
Who is more worthy
Of all the honor due to Your Name?

Kind and gracious
You are in all Your ways
Righteous and just
In all You do and say

Teach us more Abba
Show us who You really are
Let this world’s eyes be opened
To the one eternal forever-reigning King

Fill our hearts with more of You Jesus
Fill this world with the knowledge of Your Name
May they get to know You
May every ear hear

For we have not yet seen
What You have prepared for Your children Abba
But we will continue and carry on
For we know You call us each by name

Thank you Jesus that You came
Thank you for all You gave
Through Your Grace holding us we will do the same
Till every ear has heard

Hallelujah, Amen.

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