Never assume

So dangerous to assume the Father says
So dangerous
Sometimes you are so sure you know where I am going
But then you are so wrong

Never assume dear child
Never assume that you have it all figured out
And that you know exactly
Where I am going with a thing

Never assume Father says
Never assume
Because assumption tells you dear friend
That you have Me all figured out

Things are not always the way they seem Father says
They are not always the same
It’s because dear child
It has been hidden for your eyes to see

You are late the Father says
A detour you have taken
Months late on My promise
This is what the Father says

You have delayed your own promise
Father says
Because you have not believed
Because you did not trust My heart

See assumption dear child tells you
Let’s put God’s plan aside
And fit together all the pieces
You have figured out

Dearest child I do not want you
To make you own plans
I do not want you to assume
You have Me and My ways all figured out

Because you don’t always Father says
My ways are beyond your ways
My thoughts far above yours
It is because dear child I can see the bigger plan

From today on forward
You will realise dear child
To never assume you have it all figured out
Because you need Me to show you the way

See this is what I need from My children
Father says
Full dependence
Not only here and there

Full dependency dear child
This is what I would want you to see
Dependency on My will, My plan
Every day of your lives

See it’s because dear child
Assumption tells you
I have left nothing unsaid
God gave Me a word now let me figure all of the rest out

No dearest child, no
Never assume
Never think that you
Have Me and My ways figured out

Because dear child, because
You will need to trust Me all the way
Every step
To see you through

From today on forward
You will realise, you will know
You have made the wrong choice
All because you were not willing to walk the road

See dear child I can tell you what
But if you do not allow Me
To speak further truth and wisdom into your heart
How will it ever work?

Dearest children do not take things
Into your own two hands
Leave them in My capable hands
And let Me pave the way

For so often Father says
I have introduced My plan
For you to only afterwards decide
To build the plan your way

See and this is where everything fails
Father says
There where you decide to not keep on listening and obeying
To not wait on Me to reveal the further plan

Dearest child
If I have showed you a plan
Please always remember
That I am the Builder thereof

Come into alignment with My plan
Father says
Do not assume you have it all figured out
Do not take things out of My hands

See dear child this is what you so often do
You let go of My plan
To go build yours
And then you assume it is still Mine

See how many of My plans
Have been distorted Father says
All because you do not leave all
In My capable hands

Dearest child I want you to let go
Of your plan
It is not My plan for your life
Admit you made a mistake and let’s move on

Let’s move on the Father says
To greater heights
To more intimate depths
Dearest child will you?

See dear child I want you to know
It is not too late for things to be turned around
It is not too late for you to come into alignment with My plan
But dearest child will you admit you did go wrong, you did not wait for Me to show you the way?

Because so often Father says
Because you have it all figured out in your head
You assume that is the way
Your King is headed too as well

No dear children your thoughts and plans
Must be conformed to Mine
The Father says
Dearest child I do not need you to amend My Plan

See My plan is perfect
For all My children Father says
I need you dear children
To just trust My Plan

To move when I say move
To stop when I say stop
Because so often Father says
You continue to build without Me even being there

I do not need you to give up dear child
I need you to stand strong
I want you to know I will show you every step of the way
As long as you continue to hear from Me

Do not continue building something
If I did not start it Father says
Dearest child you will realise
You will only be able to go so far

Only so far the Father says
Only so far and then you will realise
I am not the Builder
But you are

Because dear child with Me, My work and Kingdom
It works the other way around
I will show you a plan, I will give you a word
And then ask you dear child do you want to come build with Me?

See dear child it works the other way around
Do not start something and then ask Me to bless it
No dear child rather ask Me dear Lord what is it that You want to build?
And then let Me be the one next to your side

Because dear child you must realise
When I am the Builder
I need no other plan
I am the One fueling Mine on

I always back all the plans I’ve started
My dream always to bring them into full completion
Through the hands and feet of those
I have appointed to do them through

From today Father says
You will realise
That I am not a part of your plan
I am not the one who started it, you are

See dearest child
Without even realising it to full extent
You have been losing out on so much
You have been losing out on all that I have prepared

See dear children I want you to know
When you are starting to build something
You must be sure you have not started your own thing
But you are building alongside the King

That is why it is so important dear children
For you to know and realise
Why am I here?
Why did Father-God create me?

See dear child it is because
You can go on and on and on
Building your own kingdom, building your own plans
But all of them are yours

Dearest children I want you to be builders in My Kingdom
I want you to understand and know
What is the calling Father-God has placed upon my life?
And then to just live it this is what the Father says

I do not want you to ever doubt
Father says
I want you to always trust
To always know I have a great and wonderful plan for you

Although there may sometimes be delays
Although you may not always understand the bigger plan
The bigger picture I have in My hand
I want you to continue holding on

Do not get out half-way Father says
No dear child, no
Stay until the end
Stay until the end and know I will finish it

See dear children you may not understand
All the steps I want you to take
It might have taken big faith
But dear child every step will take you into My Perfect Plan

See that is why Faith is such a beautiful thing Father says
It shows you to trust Me with and for every step
To never assume
To never start building your own plan.

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