Loving Arms

His loving arms
Kindness and mercy
Are waiting for you
To come and embrace them

When dear child
When will you allow Me
To pick you up in My strongest arms
Hold you close and tell you I am very near?

Dearest child
I’m holding out, holding on
Hoping that you will come to Me
Allowing Me to love you with all My heart

Your broken heart
Has been bruised and hurt
So many, often times
Do you still care to know I am able to heal a broken heart?

Broken hearts are My speciality
Father says
No pain, no darkness dear child
Can ever separate from the love I have for you inside

My heart of LOVE
Can mend and repair any brokenness in yours
I care so deeply
I care so much

Dearest child, dearest child
Will you believe Me when I say
I came for you
To truly have Life?

To have and live it with fullness
With passion and compassion for those around
I want you to live much more than timid lives
I want you to experience the fullness I came to give

Will you dear child
Will you allow Me to wrap you in My arms of love
To enfold you in My beautiful and radiant presence
To once again lit a flame of hope inside your heart?

So much darkness living in your heart
Dearest child I can see
How much you need Me there
Dry and barren places, that is where I start

Beauty and splendour
Await the hearts willing to come
Those willing to come
Put their hands of trust in Mine

I love your dearest child
Words can never truly say
It’s beyond what words could ever express
Let’s just say you’ll be held in compassion, softness and care all your days.


Message of Love

So many people
Needing to feel Your love
So many people
Needing to know who You truly are

They see it in you and me
We are His hands
We are His feet
Also His lips you see

Which actions does your feet lead you to?
What do you do with the hands you have?
A hug? A gently caress?
How many people do you build up with the words you say?

My kindness the world should see
Through you they should experience the love I have for them
You are My hands and feet
Will you please use My guidance and wisdom when you speak?

Dear children do not break other people down
There is enough brokenness in the world says He
Build up, do not break down
Find My beauty in all you see

I know what My children need
Love, Acceptance, Hope
That is what I came to give
That is what you can have

Trust Me
Trust My heart
What I speak and reveal
Please do as I ask

Love and Compassion
To a broken world
The TRUTH of Me
To everyone you meet.

The joy of knowing You

Words fall so short
To explain, describe and tell
Of who You are
And what You mean to me

How can I tell the world
Of all the love I feel inside
Of all the joy I feel
When I feel how You live in me

How can I share the joy
How can I possibly express
It is so difficult to explain
All the greatness flooding me

It’s like bursting joy
Filling the skies
Mixed with peace, love
And the kindness of my King

It is so difficult to say in words
How all this joy is locked up on the inside
Causing me to smile
With so much ease

It makes me live with so much hope
Expectancy and peace
All because I know
Who lives on the inside of me

If I could express
Fully what goes on in my head
Words fall so short
I can only try and share

The Goodness
The Peace
The Hope
That I feel

It is so strong
How it runs through my veins
He lives in me
My every breath is His

If you have experienced this
You’ll never thirst or hunger for more
He so is the Prince of Peace
He fulfils EVERY NEED

Take my word
What I feel
Cannot be bought
It can only be received

By His blood
Through His grace
On the cross
The price was paid

It is sooo worth it
Inviting Him in
But don’t stop there
Walk the journey with Him

As you continue to grow
Becoming strong
You will see the promises I’ve shared
They will become yours