Kiss of kindness

Be kind
Says Daddy
Be kind to all you meet daily

Daddy says
Do you know
Do you want to know
I care about everyone

Daddy says
Many people you daily meet
Some do know Me, some do not
Will you show them some love

Daddy says
There is no one on planet earth today
That does not need a kiss of kindness
A hug of love

Children of Abba-God
I know you want to feel safe
But can I ask you please be kind to those you meet

Daddy says
There is no one on planet earth
Today or any day
That does not need God’s love

o Children
I want you to see
I want you to meet
Those who this world does not care about

Many people says Papa
They do not know My love
They’ve never experienced it
It is something they have been missing out on

Children says Daddy
Can I ask you
Have faith, trust in this world
And what she can become through Me

Yes says Daddy
Yes I know
Many people in life
Only live from here to there

Many few people
Says Daddy
Have found purpose
As to why they are here

Children of Abba-God
My children
I want to encourage you
Please can you help this world believe in Me

Children it’s easy
Please believe
All you have to do is
Show this world My kindness and love

Many few people says Daddy
Actually believe
That we can change this world
Make it a better place while we are here

Children you don’t have to be afraid
You don’t have to be petrified, you only have to believe
Daddy is here with you
And He will make you strong against the attacks of the enemy

Yes says Daddy
Few people on earth know kindness
Few people actually use it
In the battle for lost souls

Kindness, kindness
Says Daddy
Such a powerful tool
Still it does not cost a thing

o Children, o Children
Please start by smiling more
When you pass someone you know
When you pass someone you don’t

o Abba-God’s children
I gave you such an effective tool
Be wise, use it
Wherever you go

Kindness is like
Honey to the soul
Healing to the bones
This is what My Word says

Declare it with Me
Says Daddy
Please believe
We can have impact, make a big difference in this world

Children of Abba-God
Please don’t be shy
Let your light shine
There is a world that needs what you have inside

Be kind children
Always please
And see what a difference it makes
When people start to smile back at you

Children the world
They need what you have
Please share with them
The love you have found with Me

Be kind children
Just as I am with you

I love you dearest children
Those with burdens
Those who don’t
Always please just come closer to Me

I love you dearest children
I love you
Please always remember this
As you go out and share My love

Be kind, be soft
Be gentle Father says
Be strong
Just as I am, so you are to be in this world



Loving Arms

His loving arms
Kindness and mercy
Are waiting for you
To come and embrace them

When dear child
When will you allow Me
To pick you up in My strongest arms
Hold you close and tell you I am very near?

Dearest child
I’m holding out, holding on
Hoping that you will come to Me
Allowing Me to love you with all My heart

Your broken heart
Has been bruised and hurt
So many, often times
Do you still care to know I am able to heal a broken heart?

Broken hearts are My speciality
Father says
No pain, no darkness dear child
Can ever separate from the love I have for you inside

My heart of LOVE
Can mend and repair any brokenness in yours
I care so deeply
I care so much

Dearest child, dearest child
Will you believe Me when I say
I came for you
To truly have Life?

To have and live it with fullness
With passion and compassion for those around
I want you to live much more than timid lives
I want you to experience the fullness I came to give

Will you dear child
Will you allow Me to wrap you in My arms of love
To enfold you in My beautiful and radiant presence
To once again lit a flame of hope inside your heart?

So much darkness living in your heart
Dearest child I can see
How much you need Me there
Dry and barren places, that is where I start

Beauty and splendour
Await the hearts willing to come
Those willing to come
Put their hands of trust in Mine

I love your dearest child
Words can never truly say
It’s beyond what words could ever express
Let’s just say you’ll be held in compassion, softness and care all your days.

The character of Jesus

Humbleness is Me
Humbleness knows to be meek
Humbleness will say Please forgive me for what I have done wrong
Humbleness will not bad-mouth people
Humbleness knows to be patient
Humbleness will embrace the Word of God
Humbleness is not self-seeking
Humbleness is kind
Humbleness cares about the needs of others
Humbleness loves the truth
Humbleness is diligent and hardworking
Humbleness is not into eye-service alone
Humbleness will not tell a lie even if it is able to save from a tough spot
Humbleness shows humility
Humbleness loves peace
Humbleness will not abuse children for its own gain and pleasure
Humbleness will not treat people unfairly
Humbleness will not say something is good and praiseworthy when it is not
Humbleness cares to grow into the image of Jesus
Humbleness loves unity
Humbleness is Joy
Humbleness does not sow hate
Humbleness does not break down
Humbleness thinks on what is just, noble and pure
Humbleness loves people
Humbleness takes good care of animals
Humbleness cares to apologise
Humbleness loves God
Humbleness is friendly
Humbleness will serve people
Humbleness does not look for a fight
Humbleness learns from God
Tell me …how much of Me lives in you?