The character of Jesus

Humbleness is Me
Humbleness knows to be meek
Humbleness will say Please forgive me for what I have done wrong
Humbleness will not bad-mouth people
Humbleness knows to be patient
Humbleness will embrace the Word of God
Humbleness is not self-seeking
Humbleness is kind
Humbleness cares about the needs of others
Humbleness loves the truth
Humbleness is diligent and hardworking
Humbleness is not into eye-service alone
Humbleness will not tell a lie even if it is able to save from a tough spot
Humbleness shows humility
Humbleness loves peace
Humbleness will not abuse children for its own gain and pleasure
Humbleness will not treat people unfairly
Humbleness will not say something is good and praiseworthy when it is not
Humbleness cares to grow into the image of Jesus
Humbleness loves unity
Humbleness is Joy
Humbleness does not sow hate
Humbleness does not break down
Humbleness thinks on what is just, noble and pure
Humbleness loves people
Humbleness takes good care of animals
Humbleness cares to apologise
Humbleness loves God
Humbleness is friendly
Humbleness will serve people
Humbleness does not look for a fight
Humbleness learns from God
Tell me …how much of Me lives in you?