The Promise

Counsellor, Prince of Peace
Jesus is His name
Tell me dear friend
Have you made Him your King?

Holy Spirit is His name
He longs to lead the way
Give you true life
And be your friend

He will guide you
Along life’s narrow way
Teaching you, showing you
How it is possible to live for Me

With Him nothing
Will be too impossible
He will show you
How to live a victorious life

I want to be your friend
Your best friend says He
Will you please invite Me in
And ask Me to guide the way

I am all you need
Says He
There is no better option
Everything you need is in Me

Help and strength
To make the right decisions

There is no reason for you
To stand on your own
Ignorant to My voice
Doing as you please

Dear child I came for you
To have Life
True Life
Abundant Life is Me

Dear child if you can only see
Please let My Holy Spirit lead the Way
He is Wisdom, He is Strength
Let Him be your guide

Through the ups and downs of life
Though you’re in the valleys of despair
Or on the mountaintops of joy
Trust Him to show the way

He knows what you need
He comes from Me
We are ONE
No reason to be afraid

Dear child trust Me
Trust My heart
He came for you to live
A happy, victorious life

The pressures of the outside world
Will NEVER be able
To get you down
As long as I am the One living in you

That is why dear friend keep your eyes on Jesus
The author and finisher of our faith
The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the death
Dwells in you and me

Allow Him to be your friend
Your daily guide
Your counsellor
He is ALL the Wisdom you so need

No need to run to and fro
With the Holy Spirit living in you
You have all the guidance
Wisdom and strength to be

Trust Him
He was promised as a Friend
When Jesus ascended
He came to be with us until the very end

Do not be down-hearted
Jesus said He had to go
In order for the Holy Spirit to come
And make His eternal dwelling you and me

He is all you need
To live a victorious life
Father says
He is the promise from above

He ought to be your very best friend
So many children choosing to live without Him
Not making Him a part
Of their everyday

24 hours a day
He is available to all
Those who ask, those who seek
They will find Me

Make Me your friend He asks
I am from the Father
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
These 3 are ONE.