True fire

Make sure what you have
Living deep, down on the inside of you
Make sure
Please make sure they are from Me

There are so many things
Ugly little things
Still living in you
Please dear child ask me Lord I want to be more like You

That way I can come
Changing, renewing
Burning away
Everything that is not from Me

So many of my children
Are not willing to walk this road with Me
Dying to self
Is so not the best-next-thing

Dear child if you could only see
Obedience, doing as I ask
No more riches
Can be found anywhere else

My riches is fullness
All the broken areas
Of your life
How much you need Me there

Dear child please do not let Me be King
Over some areas only
But the real problem-areas
You still keep all to yourself

Dear child I need all of you
Give Me every bit
What you did, who you are
And all you hope to be

Dear child you have so much potential
Living on the inside of you
You have Me living there
That is all you need

My light needs to spread
From the little flickering in your heart
To your whole life
Setting ablaze the world with Me

Dear child please understand
Full authority, full change
Comes only when you
Have fully surrendered your lives

This world would not be able to stop you
This world so needs My children
To be what I have called them to be
To be what I have made them to be

You have Me living on the inside of you
The Holy Spirit was given
For you to live an above-average life
Trust Him, let Him be your friend

If you have not been baptized by My Holy Spirit
The true and real fire
As on the day of Pentecost
Will you let it be?

Dear child all you need
To win in life
Comes from Me
I am the Victor, Jesus is My name

Come to Me
Let Me live on the inside of you
I will give you the Holy Spirit
He will be with you until this world cease to be.