Pride’s name

Pride kills what I came to give
Pride tells you don’t change a thing
Pride is not from Me
Pride tells you to forget it
When I ask you to forgive
Pride convinces you that you deserve better
Than the rest of the world I’ve created
Pride tells you I’m weak and you are strong
Pride is selfishness
Pride tells you there is no need for Me
Pride tells you now is not the time
Pride does not want you to come to Me
Pride teaches you the Wisdom of the World
Pride tells you to choose the Ways of the World over Mine
Pride hides the truth
Prides loves to tell a lie
Pride is boastful
Pride removes you from Me
Pride thinks he knows all there is to know
Pride loves to mock
Pride tells you to not think about eternity
Pride tells you there is lots of time to waste
Pride says you’re still young
Pride pretends to be something that he is not
Pride loves to argue
Pride always wants to be right
Pride will not stop a fight until the last word is his
Pride deceives people
Prides loves to bad-mouth others
Pride thinks he is better than everyone else
Pride will never apologise
Pride kills, steals and destroys
Pride loves to spread a rumour
Pride’s name is SATAN
Tell me … how much of him still lives in you?