Pride’s name

Pride kills what I came to give
Pride tells you don’t change a thing
Pride is not from Me
Pride tells you to forget it
When I ask you to forgive
Pride convinces you that you deserve better
Than the rest of the world I’ve created
Pride tells you I’m weak and you are strong
Pride is selfishness
Pride tells you there is no need for Me
Pride tells you now is not the time
Pride does not want you to come to Me
Pride teaches you the Wisdom of the World
Pride tells you to choose the Ways of the World over Mine
Pride hides the truth
Prides loves to tell a lie
Pride is boastful
Pride removes you from Me
Pride thinks he knows all there is to know
Pride loves to mock
Pride tells you to not think about eternity
Pride tells you there is lots of time to waste
Pride says you’re still young
Pride pretends to be something that he is not
Pride loves to argue
Pride always wants to be right
Pride will not stop a fight until the last word is his
Pride deceives people
Prides loves to bad-mouth others
Pride thinks he is better than everyone else
Pride will never apologise
Pride kills, steals and destroys
Pride loves to spread a rumour
Pride’s name is SATAN
Tell me … how much of him still lives in you?


A pretty facade

Compassion and Care
That is Me
You all find it so difficult to believe
I wonder why?

See what I came to give
My life
My blood
My tears

For you He says
For you to have life
For you to be free of sin
And everything the enemy would bring

My heart for you is freedom
Says the Lord
Why is it so hard to believe?
Let Me tell you what I find hard to believe

How do you call what you do freedom?
You’re trapped by things you MUST do every day
Because of need and not because of love He says
How do you call that life?

What you do breaks your heart and spirit
It damages your soul and kills you in the end
How does this weigh up
To the momental pleasures you experience here and there?

To keep on doing something
Just because you must
To fit in
To feel accepted

You’re only running from your pain
You’re adding to the hurt
There is so much more to life
To what you persist-to-say is fun

Search deeper
Search for more
Search for meaning
That is something you will only find in Me.

Filthy rags

Every thought
Every word
Every deed
They all belong to You dear King

Nothing I want to hold back
Please be King
Reign in me
I ask You to be my King

May every thought please You
May the words of my mouth
And the works of my hands
May they be acceptable before you King

We so often bring filthy rags
To bless our King
Filthy rags to celebrate
His name

His name is Holy
He is HOLY
He is looking for a pure
And honest heart you see

Honesty in your hearts
Words meaning
What they say they mean
When they are said

Let go of filthy rags He says
They drag you down
They will not let go
Until they are king

Filthy rags
Are such a destructive thing
They only take you from Me
I am unable to be your king

Deceit is not from Me
A lying tongue neither
A hurting heart
I can heal that you see

Trust Me
Trust My heart
Let go of all the things
Separating from Me

I want to be King
I need to be King
Of your life
And in your heart

Don’t serve two kings
Say no to deception
Say no to lies
Only one will be the true King

Let it be Me He says
Let it be Me
With Me fullness will come
Let’s start by you asking from the real you