Filthy rags

Every thought
Every word
Every deed
They all belong to You dear King

Nothing I want to hold back
Please be King
Reign in me
I ask You to be my King

May every thought please You
May the words of my mouth
And the works of my hands
May they be acceptable before you King

We so often bring filthy rags
To bless our King
Filthy rags to celebrate
His name

His name is Holy
He is HOLY
He is looking for a pure
And honest heart you see

Honesty in your hearts
Words meaning
What they say they mean
When they are said

Let go of filthy rags He says
They drag you down
They will not let go
Until they are king

Filthy rags
Are such a destructive thing
They only take you from Me
I am unable to be your king

Deceit is not from Me
A lying tongue neither
A hurting heart
I can heal that you see

Trust Me
Trust My heart
Let go of all the things
Separating from Me

I want to be King
I need to be King
Of your life
And in your heart

Don’t serve two kings
Say no to deception
Say no to lies
Only one will be the true King

Let it be Me He says
Let it be Me
With Me fullness will come
Let’s start by you asking from the real you