Best friend

I love You Lord
I worship You
A love-song I want to sing
From the very deepest part of me

Father-God fill my heart
With more of You
Make You in me
The song I sing!

I praise Your name
I worship You
My deepest longing is
For You to be my all

On rooftops I want to stand
Declaring You are my King
The Light shines
For all to see!

May the far ends of the world
Get to know my King
May they sing for Him
And worship Him as their King

May they let go
Of all the idols they hold dear
The craftings made by human hands
May they all worship my King

He is the True One
No one can ever compare
He is the King
Of the whole world you see!

Father-God is His name
Make Him your King
Come and bow before His throne
His Son is the Only Way

His home is heaven
All His friends will go there
Make sure you know Him
Invite Him in before it is too late

He longs for you
His desire is to get to know you
Will you share your heart?
Will you invite Him in?

He is the Best Friend
You could ever have
Take His hand
Let Him show you the Eternal Way

Discover His heart
Find out Who He is
Once you’ve done this
You would never ever want to let go again!