Peace of mind

I want to be your King
I long to be your King
My greatest desire is for you to allow Me
To reign on the throne of your life

You do not know
You do not understand
I am the best One
You could ever receive

You need only Me
None of the others are real
Dependable I am
You can trust Me with your every need

I care about you dear child
More than you can ever know
Trust My heart
Let Me be your King

I came for you to have fullness
Ease from all the pain
Fullness of Joy
Peace of mind

Dear child trust Me
I am more than you
Could possibly ever need
I am Me

Fullness of Love
Fullness of Peace
Unable to ever seize

Invite Me in
Dear child
Make Me your King
How I’d love to come in

With Me I will bring
Things you’ve only dreamt about
A life of Peace
A life with Me

It is the best thing for you
To allow Me to be King
Of your heart
And to give Me the throne of your life

Do not put yourself out there
You’re only going to get hurt
I’m your Creator
I’m the One that should be King

Fullness only comes with Me
All that you long for
You will find in Me
How I hope you discover TRUTH is Me.