The King is coming

The King is coming
The King is coming
Are you ready?
Please answer everyone who lives

There is no time
To waste
To play around
To tell the simplest joke

The King is coming
The question remains
Are you ready?
Please make sure it is a Yes

The urgency I feel
Deep down on the inside
Burning like a fire
Dear child please make sure you are going with

There is no time going forth
Here then there without a solid plan
You need to know why you are here
And live it He says

Dear child do not keep you up with idleness
There is work to be done
Prepare yourself as a bride does
When she is waiting for the one

Please do all you can
Please listen to what I ask
There is work to be done!
Are you the one to send?

I need people willing to work with Me
Not against Me or My plan He says
Labourers I can send
People who will do as I ask

Dear child please come and hear
What it is that you must do
Please come near
And do as I ask

Do not build your own kingdoms
There is no time for that!
Rather be a part of Mine
I will be with you He says

Guiding every step
Leading with wisdom from above
Prepare yourself dear child
The King is coming, that is sure!

Father please forgive me
For what I’ve done
Please bring me to the place
Where I’m running for You God

No to chit-chat
No to too much fun
There is work to be done
I must be one

Forgive me Father-God
For focussing on me
My life
And all that comes with that!

I’ve lost sight of the bigger picture
I’ve lost sight of You
Life is not about me
It’s about You and how many souls can be won

Please Father-God
Please bring me to a place
Where You are the ONLY ONE
Your plan the only one I live

Remove from me
Everything that separates from You
Everything that is keeping me
From building Your kingdom here on earth!

Entangled we get so quickly
By all the earthly pleasures
All the earthly fun
Dear child please remember there is work to be done!

There’s no time for second chances
Once someone has passed away
Without true knowledge of Me
They are forever lost

Dear child please
Please come and hear
Please come and let Me tell you
What must be done

The King is coming
The King is coming
Please dear world
Hear His voice

PLEASE be ready
Please He is calling out
To everyone willing to hear!
Please open your hearts

The King is coming!!!
Please, please listen to His call
Please do not let it be
Forever too late

You need to open up
You need to invite Him in
Jesus is the ONLY NAME
By whom anyone will be saved!

Please be ready!
He’s calling out to you and me
Please do what needs to be done

In me lives this urgency
My King has placed it there
Please be ready!

Do not delay
Once my King returns on the clouds of glory
Those who knew and loved Him
They are going with

There is going to be no time
To then only admit
That He indeed was the One!
Work it out now!

You need to make sure
You need to be sure
Dear friend
The time is NOW

Let go of clever answers
Let go of worldly fame
The King is coming
And only those who knew Him they are going with!

Prepare yourselves
Prepare yourself now!
Work out your salvation
Only heaven and hell awaits when all is said and done

Hell is not a place
Where anyone wants to be
A place without God
A place without His care and love

Please dear child
Come NOW
Come to Me
Let’s make sure I am the ONLY ONE.


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