A Shattered Heart

The tenderness of a broken soul
A broken spirit
How it touches My heart
How I long to heal you

Perhaps there are no excuses
For the pain you’ve gone through
Perhaps it is impossible to explain
How this could be

The pain in you
It is so huge
I’m not sure that showing you the root
Would even mean a thing

What to say
What to do
It is so difficult
Talking to you in the state that you are in

Let Me rather
Just wrap you in My arms
Holding you tightly
Caressing you with My love

Slowly, softly, tenderly
Dear child just know
I am there and I care
Together we will get through this pain

How did I get here?
How did it happen?
The questions
They’re driving me insane

On the bridge of giving up
On the edge of giving in
I cannot go on
I no longer can compete

It is so difficult to express
What I am feeling on the inside
No hope for tomorrow
Why do we not just end it tonight?

Dear child hang on
I am there
Because I AM
You have the ability to go on

Run to Me with everything that you are
Hide yourself in Me
Trust Me
I am able to heal a broken heart.

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