When nothing makes sense

Your ways are beyond comprehend
Why is it that we try so hard to understand
We keep on pushing
All must make sense

Not everything always does He says
Sometimes you must rely on faith
Sometimes you must stand without seeing a thing
Dear child will you trust Me?

Trust is about believing Me
Keeping on
When all else has seemed to fail
To believe and yes to not give up

How easy it is to trust Me
When you can see the end
How difficult it is to obey My voice
When you do not see the next step?

Dear child how is it
That you take Me at My Word
Only when you can see and explain
The process as it unfolds?

That is the easy road
He says
Trusting Me
When you can see every step

I need faith dear child
Like Noah who obeyed
Joshua who believed
Naomi who trusted Me

All they could see
Was faith dear child
They didn’t have the answers before-hand
They had to rely on Me who is

They needed to not give up
They had to trust Me
Not give up
Without cease

They trusted Me
They trusted My heart
That is faith dear child
Trusting Me when nothing can be seen

If you will continue on
Standing on My Word
Keeping Me as your focus
All will succeed

You will enter the promised land
You will enjoy milk and honey
The wilderness can not keep you down
As long as you proceed

Do not give up dear child
Do not give up
Continue holding My hand
Your character is becoming as gold

All because you have made a decision
To not let go of My hand
I will trust My King
I will trust His heart

Especially in the times when I don’t understand
I will not give up, that is what it is all about
That is the crux of the matter
Will you keep on keeping on and not let go?


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