Repentive hearts

I feel Your presence
I feel You so close
I never knew or thought
That you could be this near

If I stretch out my hand
I’m sure I could touch You
I’m just convinced
I’m not the only one sitting on my bed

I can feel You smiling
I know You are here
Please dear Father may it not be a dream
Please let it be the real deal

There is so much peace in Your presence
Forever I want to be with You
My closest friend
My dearest King

Dear Jesus
Holy Spirit
I love You

Please touch my heart
With more of Your heart
Your revelation
Your truth

Please let the ask and need in me
Not be selfish
Make it all about You
I just long for You my dear King

I love You so so much
If You could see
I know You would understand
The tears coming from my heart

I know You can see
Dear Jesus I love You
I really really love You so much
What to do with all this love?

Help me to deposit Father, to share it
Exactly the way You would want to
Let me apply it in truth
Please let everything be about You

You touch my heart so deep
So soft, no words can express
The love, the compassion I feel
When I am with You

You are so, so tender
So so soft
The world, even some of Your own children
They do not know or experience You like this

I know there is another side
So we have been taught
An angry God, ready to judge
An angry God, setting our hearts ablaze with fear

Father I don’t understand
How is it that we can be so fearful
That we just want to hide
I know dear Father, even I have been there?

How is it?
What is the truth of Your character?
What happens when we do not obey Your Word?
What is the picture in Your heart?

I don’t understand
There are just so many things that I don’t understand
What should we preach?
Salvation? Love? Eternal kindness? Judgement or Grace?

Salvation to mankind!
I can hear you Father
I can hear You
What is salvation in Your heart?

Turning to Me
Committing your lives
Living for Me

Dear child there is nothing more
That you can do
I’ve done it all when I died on the cross
But how Father, how?

What is righteous living in Your sight?
I know it is in Your heart?
Obey my child, obey when you hear My voice, obey!

When I talk to your heart
Whether it be through My Word
Someone else or a song
Obey when you are convicted in your heart

Father there is so much in Your Word
I know You know
So many stuff that when we read it
The enemy uses it for us to feel condemned

How is that Father, I don’t understand?
Dear child I am Love
You guys need to read what you read
Through eyes of Love

I don’t condemn
I never do
I know that is what some believe
It is just not true

My Word is LOVE
It’s a language of Love
That is what it is
A book of Love

I made you because of LOVE
I came to save you because of LOVE
I live and let live because of Love
I am LOVE dear child, I am Love

It is My love for you
That will bring Me back
On the clouds of glory
I will come back!

My children I will not leave you alone
Never ever!
Those who love Me they WILL be with Me
Forever dear child, forever you will be with Me

Father what is Your heart?
About being warm? About being lukewarm?
I know not all will go with
Who dear Father, who will make it to Your throne?

Those who love Me dear child
Those who love Me with their ALL
Those who have given their ALL
Those who have sacrificed themselves

Father there are so few of them
I know, I can see

There are so many that have given their hearts
So many Father who did repent
On their knees they have cried
Inviting You in, asking You to save their hearts

What about them dear Father?
What about them?
I do not understand
I do not understand

How can a one-day-old-christian
Not yet loving You with their all
Make it to Your throne?
I don’t understand? I don’t?

I know the hearts of My children
The Father says
I know who have come with trueness, uprightness
I know and recognise a truly repentive heart!

Of course they will come
They will come
And worship
Before My throne

It is those knowing
Knowing deep down in their hearts
Still they choose to carry on
Allowing other things to enter their hearts

They worship Me and idols
My dear child I can see a lukewarm heart
A heart wanting Me in their lives
Only some areas though, areas only beneficial to them

Areas where I am not welcomed to be
Dear child I can fully distinguish
Between a heart so on fire for Me their King
A heart willing and open to grow and receive

Those will make it, those with repentive hearts
Others, those with hearts cold as stone
Those worshipping two kings
Dear child, how can they possibly make it in?

That is why dear child
It is so important to give your all
Do not hold back
Give Me your all

Invite Me in
Into ALL areas of your life
Ask Me to shine My glory light
And remove ALL which is not from Me

And obey dear child
What I reveal
Obey, repent and move on

Do not keep back
Do not keep back
Give Me your all

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