Loving Arms

His loving arms
Kindness and mercy
Are waiting for you
To come and embrace them

When dear child
When will you allow Me
To pick you up in My strongest arms
Hold you close and tell you I am very near?

Dearest child
I’m holding out, holding on
Hoping that you will come to Me
Allowing Me to love you with all My heart

Your broken heart
Has been bruised and hurt
So many, often times
Do you still care to know I am able to heal a broken heart?

Broken hearts are My speciality
Father says
No pain, no darkness dear child
Can ever separate from the love I have for you inside

My heart of LOVE
Can mend and repair any brokenness in yours
I care so deeply
I care so much

Dearest child, dearest child
Will you believe Me when I say
I came for you
To truly have Life?

To have and live it with fullness
With passion and compassion for those around
I want you to live much more than timid lives
I want you to experience the fullness I came to give

Will you dear child
Will you allow Me to wrap you in My arms of love
To enfold you in My beautiful and radiant presence
To once again lit a flame of hope inside your heart?

So much darkness living in your heart
Dearest child I can see
How much you need Me there
Dry and barren places, that is where I start

Beauty and splendour
Await the hearts willing to come
Those willing to come
Put their hands of trust in Mine

I love your dearest child
Words can never truly say
It’s beyond what words could ever express
Let’s just say you’ll be held in compassion, softness and care all your days.


Haughty Heart

Humble people repent
Humble people bow the knee and say they’re wrong
Pride will kill you
Pride tells you nothing is wrong

Humble people know they don’t get everything right
Humble people know they are not the only one
Pride wants all the attention
Pride says I will have my way

Father-God please forgive us
For being so full of pride
Help us to be humble servants
Not always waiting to be served

Lord You’ve said if we want to be the greatest
We must be the lowliest of all
There is no shame in lifting others up
There is no shame in helping others out

Help us to remember
Help us to truly see
Serving others is what You did
When You were here

You did not put Yourself
High and Exalted above all others
Demanding worship
Showing no Mercy or Love

The choice You made ours
Or Death
The choice is yours’

Let us serve with love
Let us do what You ask
You say humble yourself before Me
And I will lift you up

High and haughty hearts
Please remove it from us God
Our hands and feet we give to You
May they do what Yours did Lord.

Words of Hope

Hope to a broken world
That is what I came to give
I am Hope He says
Please put your trust in Me

Because I live
There is hope for tomorrow
Because I live
You have hope to carry on

I am Hope He says
My name is HOPE
With Me you can go on
There is no reason to let go of My hand

I can turn anything for good
The greatest sorrow
Your biggest pain
I’m able to make better if you’ll hand it over to Me

Trust until the end He says
Do not give up
Although you may not see the journey
Although you may not understand the road ahead

Do not give up
Do not let go
In the end you’ll find
I AM the real deal.