A letter of Hope

I will never give up on you says the Lord
Never ever
No one on earth can compete
With the love I have for you in My heart

I hold dear
Every smile you’ve ever smiled
Every tear you’ve cried
Dear child it has never been in vain

Trust My heart dear child
Trust My heart
Do not let go
Even when the enemy tells you the filthiest lies

Do not lose hope He says
Forever you will be able to depend
On the rock called Me

I love you with an everlasting love dear child
Do not lose hope
Mountains can seize to exist
Still My love for you will never fade

I love you more
Than the sands on the seashores of life He says
More than that
Is the dreams I carry in My heart towards you

Dear child continue believing
Do not let Me get out of sight
You need to have your eyes fixed on Me
Never, ever allow Me to be out of sight

The times you stumble
The times you draw back
It’s because you lose faith
You lose faith in Who I am

Do not allow the enemy
To steal that from you dear child
You cannot allow Him to take away
The faith you should have in Me

Your trust in Me should be steadfast He says
Not wavering like the waves of the sea
Here today, gone tomorrow
Steadfastness He says

Dear Lord help me to trust You more
More than I have ever trusted You
Make my faith in You solid as a rock
Immovable, my trust forever fixed on You

My King
My Rock
My Fortress
My Strong Deliverer