Character of Gold

It is so hard to
Not give up
When all I want to do
Is give up

Can you see my barren land?
Can you see any fruit?
Can you not see how I struggle?
Can you not see that I am without hope?

Dear child I am Hope
With Me there is always hope
You have a choice
Give up or stand on the rock Me?

If you will keep on professing My words
Claiming My promises
Trust My heart
And obey My voice

If you’re truly in a tight spot
If you have heard My Word
If you have asked for help
If you have surrendered your heart

You can trust Me dear child
You can trust My heart
I will come through for you
Just as it is promised in My Word

Faith is a journey dear child
I’m always working on more
More of My character, more of Me
In the way that you live

Every good thing is a gift from above
Every bad thing I can turn around
Use it for good
And bring Peace

Peace in your heart
Character of gold
That is what I can bring
If you will continue to trust My heart

It is never too late to come to Me
Never ever
Let your heart not be deceived
I can, I am, I will always be eternally Me