Always there

I’m always there dear child
You’re never alone
If you could see how I walk with you

You do not see Me
You do not feel Me
That does not mean
That I am not there when you need Me

Every step you take
I am with you
Guiding you
Upholding you with My right hand

If you could see how I am a part
Of every day
Of every step
It would be hard to believe

My Word says I am close to My children
I never let go
I am always there
Until the end

That is dear child
Why you must believe My Word
My Word is a physical representation
Of Me that is there

If My Word says I never let go
Believe it
See Me next to your side
I am the Truth of My Word

I am He says, I am
Stand on My Word
Believe what you read
What it says, I am

In Jesus, Amen.