Most precious Stone

Your name is the sweetest
This world has ever known
More beautiful than roses
More priceless than the biggest diamond

Lord Jesus You are
The shiniest, brightest diamond!
You are King
How much you deserve our all

More precious than diamonds
That is who You are
We leave
The treasures of the world

We run to You
The greatest diamond
This world
Will ever receive

No need to dig up
No need to search high or low
He is here
Him you can receive

No precious stone
Can ever compare to Him
He is the gem
Far exceeding them all

Search for Him
Make Him your all
He is the solid rock
With Him you will forever stand

You are King
You are Lord
Over all

The riches of this world
They can just never compete
You own the cattle on a thousand hills
Everything on earth is Yours

We run to You
We hide ourselves
In the shadow of Your wings
We find peace

Peace this world does not know
Peace this world will never have
You are our peace
On You the solid Rock we choose to stand

Always, Amen.