Quest of the heart

No one can give you
What you need
But Me
I am the fullness you so long for

Don’t put your all
In the hands of a man
Give your life to Me
I will tell you which one can have your heart

Keep Me above all else
Make Me number 1
In your life, in your heart
Let it be Me

I know the plans I have for you
He says
Hope, Expectancy
A good life He says

You’ll need to trust Me
Dear friend
You’ll need to trust My heart
Will you do the same?

Nothing will change
If you hold on to what you have
I can only change what you submit
Will you hand it all over to Me?

You can trust My heart
Dear friend
You can trust My heart
I have never killed a fly

Life teaches you to be strong
Life can be tough
It taught you I can see
To never unlock your heart

Dear child please open up
Make Me your friend
You’ll never be disappointed
I can be trusted with your heart

It is a decision
You’ll never regret
It will for sure be
The best decision you’ve ever made

I’m not saying all will be forever fine
I’m not saying challenges won’t come
I’m saying I will be with you every step of the way
I’m saying all will be worth it in the end

With Me life will be fun
The purest joyous fun you’ll ever have
Will you trust Me
Until the end?

You may not understand
All My steps might not be clear
Still dear child remember
I’m here for you

We’re in it
Until the
Very end

Do not let go
Through the ups
Through the downs
Hold on fast

You will make it to the end
Do not let go of My hand
Trust My heart
It’s the BEST ONE anyone could ever have