Make Me your friend

Why is it Lord
That we try so hard
To fit in
We go on without no end

Nothing is too much
Whatever it costs
I will fit in
I will be part of ‘the’ gang

I do not understand
We all have this need
Deep down on the inside of us
Will someone please be my friend

It is such a deep longing
The need to fit in
The need for acceptance
The need to belong

More often than not
We have this desire
To go to the furthest far
Just to be called ‘in’

No stone is left unturned
No label too expensive
No make-up too pretty
I must look like a king

No money can buy
What I can put on the inside of you
You long for a good life
A grand house, the best care

Me on the inside
It is all you truly need
From there Life will spring forth
True life has begun

Dear child if you could see
You are really no better than the rest
How I care for them
I care for you

You’re all the same
No need to pretend
It’s draining all life
You are so tired, I can see

Going from here to there
Doing all the right stuff
Saying what must be said
Smiling from ear to ear

Still there is no meaning
On the inside?
If you could see
Will you understand

I am all that you need
Please make Me your King
Invite Me in
Let Me bring with

All the fullness
Found in Me
Goodness, Kindness, Peace
With Me you’ll never long for another thing

I am all that you need
Find your APPROVAL in Me

You are good enough
That is what I say
I am the Creator of the universe
I call you by name